*This comet is an omen of bad things coming

(...) Jesus said: Today, you have many prophets speaking of My coming in these end times. You will see My illumination of conscience in the Warning when all souls will have a chance to be saved in their life review. I have given you many messages to prepare your souls by frequent Confession. You will see a great battle of evil vs. good in the coming of the Antichrist in the tribulation. My faithful will be led to safe havens of protection where My angels will protect them at My refuges. Rejoice that you are living in these days before My victory over all of the evil ones.”
Jesus said: “My people, awhile ago I gave you a message about the coming Ison comet as a sign of the Warning. Today, I am telling you that this comet is not only a sign, but it is an omen of bad things coming such as the evil of the Antichrist in the tribulation. You are seeing signs of war, signs of financial instability, and signs of riots in various countries. My faithful need to have all of their preparations ready for when you will have to leave for My refuges. My refuge builders also need to put the finishing touches on their preparations for food, water, and bedding that will be shared with My pilgrims. My faithful should think of themselves as pilgrims because they are coming to a place of holy ground where there will be perpetual Adoration at every refuge. They will have My angels protecting them, and they will be healed of all of their health problems when they look upon My luminous cross in the sky.”

Jesus to John Leary, 24 June 2013