Love the Baby Jesus

Valeria Copponi December 21st, 2016

Your Heavenly Mother 
My little children, I love you, and this is why today I want to place My Child in your arms. Receive him and make Him your Lord - Redeemer - Saviour. I say this to you my children, so that you might share my words with all who believe in Him.
For you his birth means salvation, but too few of my children take this good news seriously. Christmas is becoming a pagan festival, you think about material satisfaction; it is important to celebrate, but what?

My child entered your lives on tiptoe, in poverty, in silence.
Your festivities take place in exactly the opposite way: in noise, in luxury, in the confusion that the world offers.
Please, my children, teach your loved ones to love the baby Jesus from the depths of your heart. Only within the intimacy of your heart can you feel the beating of his heart. Commit yourself in these dark times to bringing the Light, you cannot continue living in this negative atmosphere for much longer.
Your sins, your disobedience increase in striking fashion, and you do not understand that all the calamities that you are undergoing come straight from your denial of the presence of God, of My little Child, humiliated in every way and at all times by those who owe their lives to him.
Take your testimony wherever you go; I entrust you with this task today. My children are deaf to my calls and your sins are leading you to eternal perdition. The goodness of my Son fails to shake and open your hermetically sealed hearts.
I wish that you would live these days in silent waiting for this great event of salvation. I bless you; may My Child be your anchor of salvation for you and for your loved ones.

Your Heavenly Mother.