And you, my children? What do you do for Him?

Christmas 2016 Message of Our Lady of Zaro to Simona

I saw Mother dressed all in white, around her head the crown of 12 stars and a long mantle with edges as if made out of white fur that enveloped her and went all the way down to her feet; the mantle was closed at the front with a brooch in the shape of of a stylized golden rose; in her arms covered by her mantle was newborn Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes.

May Jesus Christ be praised.

"Dear children, I love you, seeing you here fills my heart with joy.

My children, here I come to bring you Jesus (and saying this she moved the mantle away and showed Jesus in swaddling clothes). 
Here children, let him be born in your hearts, make space for him in your life, He will flood you with a love and a peace without equal: only in him is there  true peace, true love, true joy. 
My children, give yourselves completely to him; children, look at this baby - so small, so fragile, so innocent, he gives himself totally to you, he did not regard his divinity jealously but humbled himself by becoming small and even more so in becoming bread in order to give Himself to each of you ceaselessly, without holding back, giving himself completely. 
And you, my children? What do you do for him? Learn to love, to entrust yourselves to Him, let him be born in your hearts, embrace him, wrap him up, console him, cuddle him, love him; only thus will you have true peace, that which only God can give.

My dear children, I love you.

Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me. "