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Francis jokes about Most Holy Trinity

March 27, 2017 Novus Ordo Watch

Francis cracks Joke about Most Holy Trinity

Jorge Bergoglio’s utter disdain for Catholicism — the religion he pretends to head — is well-known, although he usually hides it behind a veneer of holiness, such as when he humiliated the Papacy this past Saturday by publicly using a portable toilet during his trip to Milan.
But every so often, his contempt for religion is aimed directly at God Himself. For instance, in a 2010 book he co-authored as “Cardinal” Bergoglio, Francis cracked a joke about the Crucifixion of our Blessed Lord. You can read about it here:
Other public acts of blasphemy against God or the Saints include his happy reception of a Marxist hammer-and-sickle “crucifix”, his dedication of the same to the Blessed Virgin Mary, his suggestion that Jesus Christ sinned and probably had to “apologize” to his parents for staying behind in Jerusalem, his outrageous contention that the Blessed Mother may have entertained blasphemous thoughts about God deceiving her, his scandalous claim that we need not fear the Last Judgment because it will be a cakewalk, and his insinuation that the Immaculate Virgin had flaws. These terrifying blasphemies are underscored by his refusal to remove his skullcap or kneel before the “Blessed Sacrament” exposed (kneeling he typically reserves for the annual washing of politically-correct feet).
As of March 17, we can add a new item to the list of Bergoglian blasphemies. Dr. Emilce Cuda, the first woman to receive a doctorate in theology from the so-called Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, had an audience with Mr. Bergoglio on this day. Crux published a report on the meeting, which includes these lines:
She says Francis urged them to do theological ethics with a “hermeneutic of unity in difference,” an idea that the network has already embraced before his election. It’s a theme that recurs in the pope’s intellectual passions: creating processes in which the Holy Spirit forges new synthesis out of disparities and disagreements.
In the meeting, the pope jokingly likened this to the way the Holy Trinity functions. “Inside the Holy Trinity they’re all arguing behind closed doors,” Cuda says Francis told them, “but on the outside they give the picture of unity.”
(Austin Ivereigh, “The woman who knows how to read Pope Francis”Crux, Mar. 25, 2017; underlining added.)
This blasphemy hardly needs commenting. For those who may dismiss this as “not a big deal”, you had better read up on and meditate on the Infinite Majesty of God. The Second Commandment — given right after the prohibition against idolatry — forbids even so much as taking God’s name in vain, i.e. using it carelessly: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain” (Ex 20:7). How much more terrible is the direct insulting of God as a Trinity of Persons that merely pretend to be unified and are not!
The blasphemy in this is one aspect, but there is another one too: the implications for dogma. Such a statement attacks God’s infinite Perfection, the perfect harmony of His Will, His infinite goodness, etc. In short, the “joke” also implies a number of heresies.
The point is made; there is no need to dwell on this further, and we will close with these holy words of our Blessed Lord: “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth that which is evil. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” (Lk 6:45).

What is given to Me becomes part of Me, and in Me nothing dies."

May 19, 1949 to Gabrielle Bossis, France

"Do you think that you could keep going very long without Me? Don't you feel that you should cry out your need to Me? Don't you understand that I need this cry of yours?

I am here with treasures. If you don't ask Me for them, how can I give them to you? 

If you didn't tell Me often that you love Me, where would be My joy? I am the Father, the bridegroom, the matchless friend, and My heart claims life that comes from you, from you alone to Me alone. 

Each one of you has a direct ray that no one else can give Me. Don't fail to give Me yours, for no other ray could take its place. What you give Me is everlasting. The presents you give to one another on earth disappear. But what is given to Me becomes part of Me, and in Me nothing dies."

The days of Noah are here

A great and mighty acceleration is upon you. You are seeing and experiencing this, not only in the physical, but even more so in the spiritual. The days of Noah are here. Evil is heralded as good, and all that is holy is now openly mocked and profaned. Truly, these are the last days!
My Word has taught you, when you see these things, harken to Me, to My voice, and look up for your redemption draws nigh!
As great advancements are made by man in areas of science, medicine, and technology, the beast system becomes more acceptable and more desired, as the Creator's ways will be considered obsolete. I will force My ways on no one, so those choosing against Me are given over to their wills and desires. The outcome is absolute separation from Me for eternity. So be it.
It is imperative My set-apart ones, absolutely crucial now that you accelerate in all I have taught you. You have not been immune to the tremendous testings and trials. For some, I have allowed a deeper revelation of how far satan's plans have advanced, and how much more the darkness overcomes. Many are desperate, fatigued, and discouraged.
I say to you now- RISE UP! PROCLAIM MY WORD! PROCLAIM MY PROMISES over yourselves and your loved ones. Prophesy over your lives and that of your families. Declare that the victory is won!!
Never has there been a more important time to boldly proclaim My Word and with great power and authority. You are not victims! You are My sons and My daughters, My cherished ones, My jewels. Have I not said to you that no weapon formed against you shall prosper? The enemy only has access to your life if you have allowed him in.
Ensure in every moment that I am the Gatekeeper of your hearts. Total commitment on every level is the key to keeping your armor tightly fastened. Praise and worship, and unceasing prayer and fellowship with Me ensures your victory. Believe in all the promises My Word has given you, for in this, My Holy Word, you possess the most powerful weapon. Though the hordes of hell are coming against you, near you, they cannot come when it is My Robe of Righteousness dipped in My spilled blood that covers you.
In My blood, all is won, all is done. It is only for you to have the faith to claim this, walk in this, and then testify to the world all this has been done for you.
Cry out and proclaim, cry out this moment and always!!


The cleansing fire of truth will be at your doorstep very soon

February 20, 2017

Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. My child I woke you at this hour as a reminder, or a symbol that I will come like a thief in the night and the question is, will I find my children ready? Would you yourself have been ready if I came for you tonight? That is what you should be thinking about, for many of my children’s lives were required of them tonight: some were ready, but many were not. Which one would you have been? If you truly believed and understood the importance of this and what this means you would spend every waking minute doing what is necessary to make sure you would be ready. My son so many are not ready for what is coming. I have not been silent about this. 

I have you and so many others that have taken on this responsibility of sharing my words. I have shouted from the rooftops, “prepare the way of the Lord, for He comes to claim what is His.” You are all mine my children and I have lavished you with so many gifts, even life itself. But what have you done with those gifts? Did you invest the talents as I asked of you? Or did you store up everything in a barn making sure you had plenty for yourselves? Fools, tonight your life may be required of you! How would you stand before me? Would you be pleased if you were able to know the entire truth of what you have done with your life? 

Yes my son, there exists a pure truth, a truth that is not clouded by or lied to by your own selfish desires. It is this truth that will put you on trial and convict you of all things, good or bad. This is the fire of the Holy Spirit, are you ready for it? Are any of you ready for it? Is coming my children, the cleansing fire of truth will be at your doorstep very soon. Please my children I ask of you tonight to spend some time with me asking what you need to do in order to be ready for this great grace. Put all of your own desires aside and search for mine, you may be very surprised at what you will learn. That is all my son, now go back to bed and pray on what I have woken you for. I love you my son, amen.

Jesus suffered for love of you.


"Memorandum" Against the General of the Jesuits. For Near Heresy

Among the priests born in the diocese of Carpi, that Pope Francis will visit on Sunday, April 2, there is one who is giving him a tough nut to crack.
His name is Roberto A. Maria Bertacchini. He was formed in the school of three Jesuits of the first rank: Frs. Heinrich Pfeiffer, an art historian and professor at the Gregorian, Francesco Tata, former provincial of the Society of Jesus in Italy, and Piersandro Vanzan, a prominent writer for “La Civiltà Cattolica.” A scholar of Augustine, he is the author of books and of essays in theology journals.
Last week Fr. Bertacchini sent to Francis and to Cardinal Gerhard L. Müller, prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, a six-page “memorandum” highly critical of the ideas presented in a recent interview with the new superior general of the Society of Jesus, the Venezuelan Arturo Sosa Abascal, who is very close to the pope.
They are ideas, writes Fr. Bertacchini, “of such gravity that they cannot be passed over in silence without becoming complicit in them,” because they threaten to “result in a Christianity without Christ.”
The complete text of the “memorandum” is on this other page of Settimo Cielo:
While an abridgment of it is presented below.
The interview with the general of the Jesuits criticized by Fr. Bertacchini is the one given to the Swiss vaticanista Giuseppe Rusconi and published on the blog Rossoporpora last February 18, after the interview subject himself reviewed it word by word.
Settimo Cielo gave an extensive account of it in several languages.
On the interview with the general of the Jesuits on the reliability of the Gospels
by Roberto A. Maria Bertacchini
In February the general of the Jesuits gave an interview in which he insinuates that the words of Jesus on the indissolubility of marriage are not a point of theological stability, but rather a point of departure for doctrine, which must then be appropriately developed. This - taken to the extreme - could even lead to supporting the exact opposite, or the compatibility of divorce with Christian life. The initiative has in my view primed an explosive situation.
Of course, Arturo Sosa Abascal, SJ is very careful not to fall into outright heresy. And this, in a certain sense, is even more grave. It is therefore necessary to retrace the thread of his reasoning.
The question that he poses is whether the evangelists are reliable, and he says: it is necessary to discern. So it is not a given that they are [reliable]. Such a grave statement should be reasoned out at length and in depth, because it is indeed possible to admit error in a narrative detail; but to call into question the veracity of doctrinal teachings of Jesus is another matter.
However it may be, our Jesuit does not get involved, but - very deftly - appeals to the pope. And since Francis, in dealing with couples that are separated etcetera, up to the time of the interview had never cited passages in which Jesus referred to the indissolubility of marriage, the implicit message of our Jesuit was glaring: if the pope does not cite those passages, it means that he has done discernment and maintains that they are not of Jesus. So they would not be binding. But all the popes have taught the opposite! What does it matter? They must be wrong. Or they must have said and taught things that were correct for their time, but not for ours.
Let it be clear: the eminent Jesuit does not say this “apertis verbis,” but he insinuates it, he lets it be understood. And so he gives a key of interpretation for the pope’s pastoral approach to the family that departs from the traditional teaching. In fact, today “we know” that very probably, or rather almost certainly, Jesus never taught that marriage is indissoluble. It is the evangelists who misunderstood.
A Christianity without Christ?
The question is of such gravity that it cannot be passed over in silence without becoming complicit in it. The danger is that this could result in a Christianity reductive of the message of Jesus, or a Christianity without Christ.
In the Gospel for the Mass of last February 24 there was the passage from Mk 10:2-12 on repudiation. So is it acceptable to think that it is not known if Jesus uttered those words, and that they are not binding?
The “sensus fidei” tells us that the evangelists are reliable. However, our general of the Jesuits rejects this reliability, and in addition takes no interest in the fact that Saint Paul had also received this doctrine from the Church as being of Jesus, and handed it on as such to his communities: “To the husbands I order, not I but the Lord: the wife may not be separated from the husband, and if she separates, let her remain without remarrying or let her be reconciled with the husband, and the husband may not repudiate the wife” (1 Cor 7:10-11).
The consistency of this passage with the texts of the synoptic Gospels on repudiation and adultery is perfectly clear. And it would be absurd to imagine that these depend on Paul, and not on pre-Paschal traditions. Not only that. In Eph 5:22-33, Paul revisits the same teaching from Jesus and even reinforces it. He revisits it, because he cites the same passage of Genesis that is cited by Jesus; he reinforces it, because Christ loves the Church in an indissoluble way, to the point of giving his life, and beyond earthly life. And Paul makes this fidelity the model of conjugal fidelity.
Thus it is entirely clear that there is an evident continuity of teaching between pre-Paschal and post-Paschal preaching; and also clear is the discontinuity with Judaism, which instead kept the institution of repudiation. But if Saint Paul himself founds this discontinuity on Christ, does it make sense to bring the Gospels into question? From where comes that leap which inspired the practice of the ancient Church, if not from Christ?
It should be noted that divorce was also admitted in the Greco-Roman world, and in addition there existed the institution of concubinage, which could easily result in a subsequent conjugal union, as attested to for example by the experience of Saint Augustine. And in historiography the principle applies that cultural inertia does not change without cause. Therefore, the change being attested historically, what could be the cause if not Jesus? If this then was Christ, why doubt the reliability of the Gospels?
Finally, if Jesus did not speak those words, what is the source of the drastic comment from the disciples (“But then it is better not to marry!”) in Mt 19:10? Matthew was one of those disciples, and they do not come across well: they show themselves slow to understand and attached to the traditions that Jesus challenges. So from a historiographical point of view, the pericope of Mt 19:3-12 is entirely reliable: and as much for reasons of internal criticism as of external.
The dogmatic context
Moreover, to state that it is not known if Jesus actually uttered those words and that, in essence, they are not binding is “de facto” a heresy, because it is a denial of the inspiration of Scripture. 2 Tim 3 is very clear: “All Scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, convincing, correcting, and training in righteousness.”
“All” evidently also includes Mt 19:3-12. Otherwise it is attested that there is an “other” word that prevails over Scripture itself and over its inspiration. In fact, affirming the unreliability of some words of Jesus is like opening a fissure in the dam of “fides quae,” a fissure that would lead to the collapse of the entire dam. I illustrate:
a) If Jesus did not say those words, the evangelists are not reliable. And if they are not reliable, they are not truthful; but if they are not truthful, neither can they be inspired by the Holy Spirit.
b) If Jesus did not say those words, must he really have said all the others that we take as good? Someone who is unreliable on one innovative question can be likewise on others, like the resurrection. And if, to give the priesthood to women, “La Civiltà Cattolica” does not hesitate to bring into question a solemn magisterium invoked as infallible, will there not be chaos? To what biblical authority can one appeal, if the exegetes themselves are perennially and ever more divided? This is the sense in which the dam collapses.
And that is not the end, because in following the doubts of the Jesuit general it is not only Saint Paul who is trodden underfoot, but also Vatican II. In fact, this is what it states in “Sacrosasnctum Concilium” 7:
“Christ is always present in His Church [. . .] He is present in His word, since it is He Himself who speaks when the holy scriptures are read in the Church.”
Since the passages on the indissolubility of marriage are read at Mass, and to be precise: Mk 10:2-12 on the Friday of the 7th week of ordinary time and on the 27th Sunday of year B, Mt 19:3-12 on the Friday of the 19th week of ordinary time, and Mt 5:27-32 on the Friday of the 10th week, it follows that Vatican II in a certain way attributes those words to the authority of Jesus.
Thus those who follow the doubts of the Jesuit general not only disavow Vatican II, and moreover in a dogmatic constitution, they also doubt Tradition to the point of making abstract and unattainable the very authority of Jesus as teacher. So we are facing a genuine carpet bombing, before which the firmest of reactions is absolutely necessary.
In conclusion, the transition from a religiosity of the law to one of discernment is sacrosanct, but it is full of pitfalls. It requires a Christian formation of an excellence that unfortunately is rare today. And also that one have true love and deference for the divine Word.
In any case, putting on a false front for the sake of the world with the sole aim of avoiding conflicts and persecutions is not only cowardly, it is completely outside of the Gospel, which demands frankness and fortitude in the defense of the Truth. Jesus did not fear the cross, nor did the apostles. Saint Paul, moreover, is clear:
“It is those who want to make a good showing in the flesh that would compel you to be circumcised, and only in order that they may not be persecuted for the cross of Christ” (Gal 6:12).
Being circumcised meant on the one hand going back to the religiosity recognized by Rome as legitimate, and on the other conforming to the mentality of the time. Saint Paul knows that the true circumcision is that of the heart, and he does not give in.
Carpi, March 19, 2017
One comment. In the complete text of the “Memorandum,” Fr. Bertacchini writes that on February 24, a few days after the publication of the interview with Fr. Sosa, Pope Francis “censured the positions of the Jesuit general” in dedicating his whole homily at Santa Marta - something he had never done before - to the passage of the Gospel of Mark with Jesus’s very clear words on marriage and divorce.
In the homily, according to Fr. Bertacchini, Francis contested Fr. Sosa’s doubts, emphasizing that “Jesus replied to the pharisees on repudiation, and therefore the evangelist is reliable.”
Properly speaking, however, Pope Francis’s comments on that passage of the Gospel of Mark appeared rather tortuous, to judge by the authorized accounts of the homily published by Vatican Radio and by “L'Osservatore Romano.”
At a certain point, however, the pope even went so far as to say that “Jesus does not respond whether [repudiation] is licit or not licit.”
And even where the pope argues - correctly, Fr. Bertacchini writes - against what he calls “casuistry,” a contradiction arises. Because what is different about what “Amoris Laetitia” asks when it urges case-by-case discernment of whom to admit to communion and whom not, among the divorced and remarried who live “more uxorio”?
(English translation by Matthew Sherry, Ballwin, Missouri, U.S.A.)

The Milan Luther pilgrimage

[Hat-tip to Fra Cristoforo at Anonimi della Croce blog]
March 31, 2017 AngelQueen Blog
Tweaked Google translation of
Hear, hear:
in the diocese of Milan you follow the heresiarch Martin Luther’s footsteps!
And behold,
one of his beautiful little phrases in Latin in the background … et voila , a certain bond of traditional flavor is guaranteed, so that Catholics can feel reassured subliminally. 
They can also calm down the consciousness thinking:
“we are with the Pope: he even accepted his statue in the Vatican! It is the saints who fan the statues!
So we have nothing to fear, we are on the right path, : We are on the Luther pilgrimage. ” Hooray!
But who knows what he thinks of Saint Ambrose Confessor [the patron saint of Milan]?
I mean what do you think of his successor, Cardinal Archbishop Angelo Scola, who allows this?

Francis Rewrites the Account of the Healing at Bethesda

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 29, 2017 
A major element of what Antonio Socci has dubbed “Bergoglianism” is Pope Bergoglio’s freewheeling “exegesis” of Scripture during his improvised, rambling homilies at Casa Santa Marta.  The result often bears no resemblance to the Gospel account and even at times turns the Gospel on its head.
In the homily of March 28, for example, Pope Bergoglio addresses Our Lord’s miraculous healing of the lame man at Bethesda recounted in the Fifth Chapter of St. John.  We read of the poor man being unable to approach the healing pool in time when the angel stirs the waters because his infirmity slows him down. When Our Lord asks him if he would be made whole, he replies: “Sir, I have no man when the water is troubled, to put me in the pond: for whilst I am coming, another goeth down before me.”  Whereupon Our Lord heals him on the spot, he takes up his pallet, and walks away.
Pope Bergoglio somehow manages to convert this touching account into an indictment of the lame man!  As he told the congregation at Casa Santa Marta:  “This man was like the tree planted along the bank of the rivers, mentioned in the first Reading, but it had arid roots, roots that did not reach the water, could not take nourishment from the water. This is clear from his attitude of always complaining and trying to blame the other.” 
What?  The lame man was not blaming others and “always complaining” but was merely telling Our Lord about his plight of being unable to approach the healing waters because he could not walk unassisted.  As Father Haydock explains in his commentary on the passage, when Our Lord asked the man if he would be healed, “No doubt but the poor man wanted nothing more. Christ put the question to raise him to a lively faith and hope.”  And indeed, the man responded immediately in faith and thus was healed as the reward for his faith in the Lord.
Yet Francis’ bizarre exegesis continues to condemn the man even after his cure: “he rose and walked with that slothful attitude… living his life because oxygen is free… Sloth is a sin that paralyzes us, stops us from walking.”  Thus, according to Francis, the cured man was some sort of lazy ingrate. But this is nonsense. As Father Haydock notes, the man “went out [walked away] not out of malice, but out of gratitude, and told the Jews that Jesus had cured him.”
Further, as Our Lord Himself tells the man when He later encounters him in the Temple: “Behold, thou are made whole: sin no more, lest some worse thing happen to thee.”  By these words, writes Father Haydock, “the Saviour shows his infirmity was sent in punishment of sin.” By his faith the man had been cleansed of his sins and granted the divine favor of a miraculous cure.  Yet Francis portrays him as a lazy lout who takes his cure for granted, like the free oxygen in the air.
Moreover, the long wait the man had to endure at the pool was not a sign of spiritual laziness, but rather (to quote Father Haydock again): “The longing expectation of the suffering patients is a mark of the persevering prayer with which poor sinners should solicit the cure of their spiritual infirmities.”
After four years of this sort of thing, there is no denying that we have a Pope whose presentation of Sacred Scripture is manifestly unreliable and even contrary to its plain meaning.  This is not even to consider his moral theology, as expressed in Amoris Laetitia, which contradicts the entire teaching of the Church on the exceptionless precepts of the divine and natural law, particularly the Sixth Commandment.   
Never in her history has the Church witnessed a Pope who is a veritable font of dubious pronouncements and who almost daily raises questions about his own orthodoxy, as this website compiled by diocesan priests documents with devastating thoroughness.   This unprecedented papal phenomenon has arisen because Pope Bergoglio refuses to respect any of the traditional constraints on the exercise of the papal office, preferring to say whatever he thinks, whenever he thinks it, in whatever forum or medium he chooses.  
If a Pope elects to indulge in an endless stream of uncontrolled verbiage, no charism of infallibility — nor even a reasonable assurance of orthodoxy, for that matter! — can possibly be attached to the resulting indiscriminate output. Such is the nature of Bergoglianism and the acute exacerbation of the ecclesial crisis it represents.

Islamic Scholar: Islam not a Religion of Peace

 Jesuit Islamic Scholar: Islam Not a Religion of Peace

Fr. Samir offers comments in light of pope's upcoming visit to Egypt

BEIRUT ( - A scholar of Islam is warning Christians that they are in danger of misunderstanding Islam — including the Holy Father.

Father Samir Khalil Samir, an Egyptian-born Jesuit priest, is one of the leading Catholic scholars of Islam. In an interview with the Italian paper La Fede Quotidiana Wednesday, the orientalist and philosopher noted that, in spite of his good intentions, Pope Francis is mistaken to portray Islam as a peaceful religion. The comments come in light of the pope's scheduled trip to Egypt in late April. 
The model of Islam is incompatible with Western values. 
"Undoubtedly the Pope is animated by good intentions and sincere good will to search for dialogue, and no one can put this in doubt," Samir said. "However, since he does not know much of Islam, he will need more guidance and capable people to give him training."

Samir noted the Holy Father's tendency to speak off the cuff, which has resulted in confusion among the faithful and joy among the anti-Catholic media. "Pope Benedict XVI was much more cautious and prudent when he talked about Islam and issues so hot."
Pope Francis has spoken kindly of Islam in the past, saying, "Terrorism is not fueled by the religion if Islam itself," and, "Organizations such as the Islamic State are evil, but they are also not Islam. They are perversions of Islam." The Holy Father has also said that Christians and Muslims "worship the one living and merciful God."
But Samir, a professor at the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut, questioned the alleged similarities between the religions, and whether Islam is truly a "religion of peace":
In Islam and the Koran there is everything. Parts that actually speak of peace are mixed with outrageous claims that run in the opposite sense, especially with regard to those who have different beliefs. Therefore, a priori, it is not right to define Islam as a "religion of peace."
In addition, it is wrong to say that we believe in the same god. For Christians, God is love. For Muslims, this is not always the case. We can say, correctly, that both faiths believe in one god, but this is something quite different from saying that we believe in the same god.  I think in many ways, the model of Islam is incompatible with Western values. Islam, in fact it is not only a religion, but unites politics, economy, society and state.
Though Pope Francis' comments about Islam have been more frequent than those of his predecessors, he is not the first pontiff whose actions have created confusion about Islam. Pope St. John Paul II caused controversy when in 1999 he kissed a copy of the Koran. Samir noted in a 2011 interview that this gesture, which the Holy Father intended merely as a mark of respect, was "interpreted by many Muslims as significant to the recognition of [the] 'revealed' nature of the Koran (which cannot be so for a Christian)."
For Christians, God is love. For Muslims, this is not always the case.Tweet
Touching on other recent controversies, Samir pointed out the right of countries to enforce immigration laws, specifically European countries, which have been targeted for demographic warfare by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. 
Said Samir: "Each master of a house manages the house, and ensures that those who visit identity the intentions of the host, and adapt to the host's traditions and customs — not the other way around."
But he expressed hope that the Holy Father's April 28 and 29 visit to Egypt will be fruitful in extending the rights of Christians in the country, which has seen a rise of Islamism and political violence since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
"This is also a moment of relief," he remarked, "especially regarding the delicate issue of granting Christians full citizenship. As is well-known, in Egypt, one who is not a Muslim has serious problems with citizenship."

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Great numbers of birds are falling from the sky

Jesus & Mary 
speak to Christina Gallagher
February 10th 2017 

At a time when a news bulletin showed unprecedented numbers of whales washed up and dying on the beaches, Jesus remarked;  "It is due to the experimentation and tests which are being carried out by man that great numbers of birds are falling from the sky and fish and mammals are being washed up on your shores. People should realise that God permits this to show people that the same will happen to them. Those who bring about these abnormalities in creation are not of Me. The wind that you hear is not your imagination but the sound of the battle between the principalities. (On a number of occasions in recent times Christina would have clearly heard the sound of strong and violent blasts of wind but with no earthly explanation - just as she did not originally understand when she first heard the crackling and scraping noises of the earth's plates before a major earthquake would occur.) 

The growling sound that you have previously heard is of him who roams the earth to devour all in his path.

There will be an enormous multiplication of evil coming to the world 'in the next moon and half moon', though hidden from the world."
 I could then see many devils rise out of hell (Jesus explained to Christina the evil purpose behind the dispatch of these devils).

"O you people of the world, how blind and foolish you are to let your salvation be robbed from you!"

"The red planet is burning". 
(Christina was totally unaware and only discovered later that 'the red planet' refers to Mars which is also synonymous with 'war.')

Then I could hear a voice calling, "Trouble, trouble unto the earth!"
I could then see a long, white table with many men dressed in robes of white having a debate about the times we are in and about the times to come. Jesus was listening to the debate at first. Then He took a seat with them. I could hear them say, "O you of Babylon!" They were talking about the present-day Pharisees upon the earth and they were in conversation about what to do next. They said, "The world has become like the 'whore of Babylon'". ('Babylon' is used in the Bible as a way of referring to the kingdom of antiChrist and of paganism- it persecutes the followers of Christ. It is cruel, greedy and controlling. The 'whore' of Babylon' is explained in the Bible as representing 'the great city' which seduces the leaders of the world and their followers with its wealth, power and immorality.)

Jesus said,
"Much will be revealed to the innocent and little ones of the earth. Those who are united in My priesthood and in the victimhood of My life should be active in the work of salvation while there is still time."
I could see many people dressed in white walking around peaceful but restless because they know what is coming to the earth. Jesus said, "The seals are being broken one by one, leading to the seal that only the Lamb can open".

(As far back as January 1991, Jesus,in a message to Christina said, "…Tell all humanity about the seven seals of God! Tell all humanity!")

I could see a number of large white jugs about 4 feet tall around and not far from the table where the meeting was taking place but I was not made aware of their meaning. (Unknown to Christina, a central part of the Apocalypse as witnessed by St. John are the seven vessels or vials which the seven angels prepare to pour unto the earth upon the followers of antiChrist, containing the judge-ments of God, the seven last plagues.)

I could hear a voice call out the names of about 15 saints. The only ones among them all that I recognised were, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, and Padre Pio. Jesus said there were many little ones that He and His Mother had called to help and to enlighten the world and to whom He had even manifested Himself to show the truth of His call and that of His Mother - only to be denied by the Church and hidden from the world.

I was then shown a clock with the time at one minute to twelve. Then I could see an army marching and preparing for war.

I then mentioned to Jesus some people who had helped with the work. Jesus said that He had inspired them to help. "Blessed are they for their rewards will be great."

Jesus then said,
"The Word was made flesh for the salvation of the world. The Lamb of God is forever harboured in the Immaculate Heart of Mary" (I was inwardly made aware this meant Our Lady in Her Heart never ceases to offer the victimhood of Jesus for the salvation of the world.)

Jesus then referred to a torment which the devil had been inflicting on Christina over a number of months. All of a sudden the devil's interference ceased when Christina began offering it directly to God to plead for the saving of souls. Jesus remarked to her, "You see how quickly it stopped when you offered it for souls. This made the devil angry as souls were snatched from him."

Jesus then said,
"Never be oppressed and never be alone."
Christina then asked Our Lord if the extra cameras recently placed around her house and car were necessary?

Jesus replied, "Yes, and more should be added but understand it as only a deterrent - your life was in danger, your life is in danger and your life will always be in danger.”

Our Blessed Lady then spoke to Christina;
"God is deeply offended by people. He is going to be much more deeply offended in the time to come. ....................... ................................... 

The crown worn by Our Lady was then raised above Her head revealing what looked like an encrustment of glittering diamonds which covered the centre of Her head and was shaped like a skullcap. It seemed to hold in place that part of Her mantle which rested on the top of Her head - a cream mantle with a beautiful glistening gold band trimming it. Her dress was white and the Sacred Host was glowing light. She said,
"Yes, the fruitfulness of My womb I brought forth for the redemption of the world, Our Saviour. God desires that there be much reparation as we enter the final phase of the End-Times: we are now in the advanced stages of the End Times. That is why I desire to console you. Now you must trust. Trust My Divine Son Jesus. I am your Mother and I am here with you.You can see Me. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am the Mother of the children of the world. I am the Mother of the Eucharist. Tell all My children to love Him in the Eucharist and in their hearts each day. Live by the law of God. Always live in truth, love and unity. Always know the love in the Heart of God for each one of you through the divinity of His Son. Know that all that separates us is the Veil- the Veil that shadows in life but yet when God permits the Veil to become "see-through" -which is like the "thinning of the Veil"- for the few, for the little ones of the world, they can see, so that they can have courage for the trials and tribulations that they endure. Many of the little of My Heart -My Motherly, Immaculate Heart- that serve and love the Lamb of God, the Word made Flesh- they saw and heard and now they are denied. The Word made Flesh that they pronounce is denied, mocked and laughed at. But be not afraid for we are in the End-Times and this is what you are to expect.

There are many evil things in your world and even more evil to come into your world to cause the most drastic, depravity of evil that will draw many into union with him who is anti- of Christ. ......................................................................... But never forget Jesus is in control in all things. God has known this in all time.

There is much given to you over the years, some of which you have forgotten, some of which haunts you in memory.

Do not feel bad because people do not listen. It is not your fault…….. I am always with you."

Our Lady then spoke about the abomination. ……………...............……
it will cause great distress for humanity. There will be great confusion but there will also be great pain and tears throughout the world. But never be afraid. Always know that I am close to you. Be at peace.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen."

Jesus then spoke of Our Lady soon to crush the head of the serpent, "There will very soon be storms - greater storms - among the principalities through the work of him who is antiChrist. Each day his seduction gathers great multitudes of souls drawing them to death and destruction.

See how he that is evil instantly stops in his tormenting of you when you offer it to Me for souls because he does not want a soul to be saved with each curtain hook that would be broken…that's as simple as it is with any attack upon you- once you offer it to Me, it can be received and weaken the power of the devil.

(Since the beginning of her call to fulfill this work, Christina has endured constant attack and torment directly and indirectly from the evil one in a variety of ways. In more recent times the harassment had taken the form of breaking articles in her bedroom during the night.)

Blessed are they that never have counted the cost."  

You need only to love me, and to be united to Me

The love of the cross. Sister Natalia Magdolna

The Lord said to me:

There are only a few sacerdotal souls that love the cross. Many of them do not even want to hear suffering and self-denial spoken of. This is because they do not request of Me to possess love for suffering. The priests must also request daily love of the cross for themselves, and for the souls entrusted to them. If they did this, they would attain the grace of love of suffering; suffering would become pleasant for them, and they could make heroic acts. I would annihilate in them everything that could extinguish love, and would increase in them love of the cross. I would give them the gift of poor and humble love. They would receive the mystical grace of being able to find the special secrets of my Heart. I would like to present to them this special grace at this time, in which the selected sufferings of my chosen ones are near. On one occasion, Jesus taught me this prayer:

My Lord, give me the grace to love Suffering as You did.
Give me the grace to carry my cross As You did.

My Lord, give me the grace to always Recognize and to do your Will And to remain always united to You, Glorifying you in everything that I do. Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother, Teach me to love suffering. Amen.

In one of my visions, Jesus addressed a group of priests, saying to them:
- My Priests, I love you! Come to my divine Heart that is open for you and awaits you. This Heart is not only mine but it belongs to all those whom I love. Come to this warm home, so that I can intensify you; purify and immerse yourselves in my divine power. 

You need only to love me, and to be united to Me. If you love Me this way, I will not only lead you to Calvary but also to Tabor. Oh soul! Why are you so empty? Oh Gol- gotha! Why are you so abandoned? Oh, Sin, Oh Flesh, Oh Hell! Why so populated? Some priests are so full of the world and themselves, that they do not have any place for Me in their souls. They do not even want to accept the graces that I want to give them. They despise my mercy and say: "It is enough if we love the Savior,” and they never think that their love should resemble Mine. Thus they block my efforts to increase their faith and they replace it with their false love. The true food of love is suffering, and with this food I nourish all souls. 

The Holy Souls / Purgatory / Indulgences

Warnings From Beyond (Hell), Part 2 of 3

To the Contemporary Church
[Confessions of Hell]
A literal text of the revelations made by the demonsBeelzebub, Judas Iscariot, Akabor, Allida,  and Verobaduring a series of exorcisms' from 1975 to 1978
A translation from the French, by Nancy Knowles Smith, of the book'Avertissements de l'Au'delà à l’Église Contemporaine – Aveux de l’Enfer’  by Jean Marty.
 The revelations have also been published in German by Bonaventure Meyer in Switzerland.
 Jean Marty's book in French is available from 'Les Editions Saint Raphael, 31 Ouest, rue King, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J IH INS.



E: In the name of the Most Blessed Virgin, Mary, in the name of all the Saints, and in the name of all the Guardian Angels whom we invoke...!

B: The souls in Purgatory can also pray. If they can no longer do anything else, they can pray. They also can timidly mumble something for the Church.[39] And if you invoke them for this reason, they must do it, and they do do it. They know what is now at stake. They know a great deal about it, particularly those who are in the higher stages.

E: That means that the souls in Purgatory wish to help us and to pray for the Church? 

B: Those who are the lowest, where we can still see them - for there are many levels, if you like -they have little ability; they are for the most part, cruelly tormented. Those who are the lowest - when they have been very wicked people and have committed many sins - sometimes do not know if they are in Hell or if they have been saved.[40] We can still see what is happening to those right at the bottom. They are in what is called the Inferior Lake. 

E: But they will come out from it? 

B: Only by means of an incalculable number of prayers and sacrifices... Many are staying there until the end of the world, and they are content...and all things considered, they bless God in complete submission that He has sent them down there. It is, you could say, the frontier between Hell and Purgatory. 

E: But it is still Purgatory? 

B: It is still Purgatory. But there especially, are found those souls which would have deserved Hell, but which, thanks to the sacrifices, the numerous sacrifices of people who offer themselves up, have been saved at the last moment.[41]
We do not like talking about it; you should not pray for the souls in Purgatory; we don't like that. Those in Heaven (he points upward) say - Judas has already had to say it on October 31 (1976) - that the souls in Purgatory are now terribly disappointed. But let them suffer like that, let them hunger like that! We have to do it. You no longer need to gain the indulgences which the Church has granted when you pray. Let them starve! We have to suffer quite atrociously in Hell. 
E: In the name... I ask you: can one still gain the indulgence TOTIES-QUOTIES[42] on All Saints' and All Souls' Days? 

B: Whatever one Pope has established, another cannot suppress simply and solely as you would take an old shoe back to the shoe-shop, because it is dirty or it no longer pleases you. 

E: In the name... tell the truth and nothing but the truth! 

B: When you give a present to someone, a very big present... we do not like talking about it... indulgences are presents of inestimable value, incomparable treasures for the poor souls in Purgatory; they are immense treasures.[43]
When a big present is given to someone which pleases him enormously, gives him great joy, which keeps him occupied in a lasting way, and from which he gains some profit, then the giver cannot come and say: “I say, I made a mistake in giving you that present. You have played with it enough. Now, you must give it back to me...” That doesn't work. Then the recipient would reply: “No-you must be joking! Do you imagine that I am going to give you back the present which you gave me?” He would say: “Years have gone by - it is more than ten years since you gave it to me. I am keeping it and that's that. You can't take me to court for that. You should have thought about this before giving me the present.”

So it is with indulgences. Those up there make me say that the indulgences that one Pope has granted, another cannot purely and simply withdraw. For example, merely because beneath the aspirations: “Sweet Jesus, grant them eternal rest” or “Sacred Heart of Jesus, make me love You more and more”, there appeared the words “100 days” or “300 days” or “7 years” or something like that - merely because of that, there is far from sufficient reason for a Pope to suppress these indulgences. 
But, to cut a long story short, that[44] was not envisaged and ordered in that way by the Pope himself. What they wanted to do was absolute suppression of the whole thing. It was said: “Men no longer understand these indulgences - of 300 days, 7 years, the plenary indulgence... They believe that Purgatory is cut short by 300 days, or something like that That could have been the subject of sermons, to explain that these 300 days are ecclesiastical punishments, ecclesiastical penances according to ancient customs. The number of days corresponded to the time during which great sins had to be expiated, during which great sinners had no right to enter the church, but had to remain at the door. The penances that they used to do, the suffering that they used to endure, are what the indulgences represent.
We must still add this: these indulgences of 300 days or of 7 years[45] were for all that, very little in comparison with what sinners used to have to undergo through ecclesiastical penances. It was a priceless present for the souls in Purgatory and also for men.

E: The indulgence TOTIES - QUOTIES also?

B: All the indulgences are a priceless present. But what has been bound by one Pope previously, another Pope cannot loose if he has not the express intention of doing so.[46] Although he was involved in it, it was not the Pope alone, others were also involved. He was not involved as much as the others; things were negotiated and manipulated so that the souls in Purgatory no longer receive the benefits of such prayers. E: Does the same thing apply in the case of the Mass of Saint Pius V?

B: Ah! Don't get back on to the Mass of Saint Pius V. 

E: In the name of... tell the truth and nothing but the truth! 

B: Ah! How we must always tell the truth and nothing but the truth! It is a rotten story that we would like to get away from. You keep coming hack all the time with truth and with that example!
E: Jesus has said: “I am the Truth and the Life”[47] We want the truth, and what Jesus says, and the Most Blessed Virgin. In their names, tell the truth and nothing but the truth!