His Love For Us Is Truly A Wonder Of Grace


 March 14, 2017 2:27 –

Father, I’m feeling a little anxious.  I know I’m not supposed to worry but still.  Of course, what is there really that I should fear or worry over?  I have a roof over my head, warmth, love, family, friends.   Father, I can’t take it if You aren’t near.

Silly Child, I am always at your side, whether it is in times of trouble , in times of joy, and even in times of your boredom, Child.  My Love for you is so great and so active or fluid, it surrounds you like My Loving Arms.  ****  I guide you when you allow Me to guide you, but your Soul is stubborn and your ears never muted to sound.  I whisper My Holy Guidance to you every second of every day.  **** thus I engulf you so absolutely with My Love.  You are My Precious Child who I have called for years.  You are My Belovéd and Stubborn Child.  I have given you such gifts.  I am overjoyed by your attention. 

I know.  I kind of took forever to notice You.  You know, Father, I doubt a lot.  Mostly it’s myself who I doubt.  You pointed out that my pride had snuck into all of my efforts, and I saw it.  I understood, so …I guess it’s plain funny to say You were right.  Of course You were.  You always are.  Thank You for opening my eyes to my faults and weaknesses.  I’m not strong enough to do anything without You. 

Belovéd and impatient Children, a bastion of wealth waits for you in My Kingdom.  I long to rejoice with all of My Belovéd Children.  My Love for you is thorough and unyielding.  Call out to Me, Children.  Your Souls are in need of the cleansing and nourishment of your Holy God and Father.  What you do now merely weakens your fragile Souls and further divides your Heart.  Come to Me, all of you who have sinned and (who)continue sinning.  I am the water that will wash you clean.  I am the feast that will feed you.  I am the Light that will guide you through darknesses or the darkness of despair.  For I am the One True God.  I am ever-present and in constant desire to have your total Love.  I will not share your Love with the temporal...things of this World.  This World is scattered and wicked.  I am the Light that leads you away from perdition.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do you not see 
or understand, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, weeps for each of you.  Come willingly and quickly into the folds of His Sacred Heart.  He longs to bring you to Me.  He longs for your Love.  Oh Belovéd Children, Love Him.  Reciprocate His Love in all that you say and all that you do.  Let His name ring forth from your voice in praise and adoration.

Belovéd Children, let Me into your Hearts.  Let Me guide you to Love and Mercy and away from perdition.  Belovéd Children, pray!  Prayer is My Especial Gift to you, for when you pray, My ear is bent to hear you and the whole of Heaven is silenced by your prayer.  I Love your prayers and always answer them.  Trust in My Will for you, My Children.  Though your life may be filled with sorrows and tragedy, I am with you.  When you, in your weakness, turn to Me for Love and comfort, this soothes the wounds that this World’s hatred of the Christ Jesus has inflicted (upon) His Holy and Belovéd Father.  When you turn to Me in times of tribulation, I see or know or confirm that frailty and willingness of your Heart to lean on Me.  I am your Loving Father and Eternal God.  Who better to turn to than your Holy and Eternal Father.

Surely the Hearts that look to Me so quickly or naturally in their times of sorrow bring Me such joy by their strength and confidence in Me and My Most Beatific Love.  The Belovéd Children who will automatically or naturally turn to their Loving Father are My Good and Belovéd Children and I shall protect them from all anguish and darkness.  Belovéd Children, do not waste precious minutes of your time concerned or consumed by the many terrors and sins this World offers to you.  Let Me be your Light of Love and ever-lasting Life!

Oh, Belovéd Children, be aware that there are those who energetically or actively seek to lead My Belovéd Children astray.  These darknesses who work for the fallen one manipulate what is heard and spoken.  They are dismissive of the Christ Jesus and create or mimic with envy and baseness another path that looks well [good or harmless] as you first step upon its stones, but as you pace three or four times, you shall see their profanity and sinfulness, and your Hearts shall be made sick.  Belovéd Children, follow only the Christ Jesus, My Belovéd and Beatific Son.

Only He is the Christ.  Only He is your redeemer.  Only He will place your Hearts above His that you might gaze upon the face of God and feel the Glory of Love and Heaven.  It is only through My Son, the Christ Jesus, that My Belovéd Children can find Me or make their Eternal way to Me, for who My Son Loves, I Love.  Whomever He dotes upon, so will I dote upon this person so Belovéd to My Son.  You cannot reach the Father but by His Glorious Son, the Christ.  Belovéd Children, so few understand the depths of the wounds suffered by the Christ when this World turns on Him again and again.  He is all-Loving and stretches His hand to you that you will know Love and Mercy, Redemption and joy.  Do not dismiss the Loving advances of My Belovéd Son.

Children, I am the Eternal and Almighty God.  In Me is all Holiness and Love.  Do not run away from all that is good (BIG) and run to all that is darkness (evil).  Your Hearts are not ready for Judgement and your Souls weep in despair.  Belovéd Children, the way to Christ is Loving and Beautiful and simple, and even if Our Love is brought to bear upon the least gracious of Man, He may say yes to Our Love, or in not doing this, secure His path to perdition.

Belovéd Children, I try to show the true nature of sin and the damage and wounds it causes your Souls.  A cup steeped in mud cannot come up clean.  That is like sin, My Children.  When you sin so callously and with glee, your Soul is entrenched in darkness and thus will emerge with great filth.  Remember always that the Kingdom of God is perfect and unstained by sin.

Belovéd Children, My Love for you is complete and in this state of Perpetual Love, you too must reciprocate Love.  What is it to Love?  There are no burdens with Love.  Come to Me, My Obstinate Children!
  Children, My Belovéd and prayerful Children, your prayers for this World are so strong and necessary.  I am Love and at the Heart of Love, I am.  When I am given Love from My Children, I can not resist their calls or your calls for mitigation and peace.  Children, I ask you to pray more deeply and more times (often), particularly for those who have turned away from Me so completely, were they to die in this state of perfidy, their deaths (would be or are) instantaneous and their agonies immediate.  Thus, I say pray for My Children who have strayed so far from their Lord God and Father, they no longer believe, nor do they trust in Me.  [There is such sadness here.]  Belovéd Children, their dismissiveness wounds Me deeply.  The gleefulness with which they drive the nails through the Heart of Christ Jesus places the World in which they live in such danger, and the gleefulness alone causes the whole of Heaven to shudder in dismay.

Belovéd and Prayerful Children, be nourished always by the Lamb of God, for soon you will long for the Eucharist and the Sacrament will be a scarcity.  The colors of My Servants will become clear and white will truly be white, and black will no longer hide within white.  You must pray for the Divinity (spirituality) of My Belovéd Servants.  Pray for their Souls, for many guide My Belovéd Children astray or away from Me.

Know this to be true, My Belovéd Servants will be exposed for what they are within their Souls and Hearts.  Many of My Belovéd Servants shall die, wounded by the hands of their Brothers.  Others shall march freely on the road to perdition and sorrow.  Still others will decide with their indecision.  This indecision will come about as a direct result of their lukewarm Love for Me.  How can one illuminate the path of the Lord God and lead My Children to Me when their Hearts are doubtful and their bodies made unclean?  Belovéd Children, do not be afraid.  So will there be My Most Just and Humble Servants and they shall prevail for their great Love of Me and I shall reward them greatly for their faith and unwavering Love for Me.

Thus, I say Dear Children, pray for My Holy and Belovéd Servants.  They own the Hearts of Man and are also fragile. 
[priests own the responsibility of leading hearts to God]

Belovéd Children, I urge you to partake of the Eucharist reverently, with great solemnity and a quiet joy in your Hearts.  Be still in your repentance that you might see or feel the greatness of Christ’s blessings and gifts as He bestows His Love within you or upon you.  [I cannot describe the actual “be-ness” of communion with Jesus.  There are no words that I know to explain it to you except to say, He’s BIG.]

Children, do not hold on to your anger.  Do not envy your Brothers and Sisters.  Let go of the divisions you create amongst your Brothers and Sisters.  Forgive where you would most like to deny forgiveness.  Love those who you would least Love.  Come to Me for My Great Love and ready forgiveness constantly.  No one is immune to My Great Love.  I am a Loving and Holy Father.  I Love each of you so well.  Each of you are individually Mine, and My Love overwhelms you as you come to Me.

Belovéd Children, you must or do seek out My Love and Mercy.  My Love is not a frivolous thing nor is the righteousness of the Just Judge.  Do not submit yourselves before the Holiest of Holies and the most Blesséd of gifts with the tarnish of the hellions’ play.  Pray, My Belovéd Children.  Love your Lord God in every way.  Pray for those who are dying or near death and the cragged or inferior or malignant road to perdition.  Pray for those Souls who are suspended in cooling orcleansing fires, longing for atonement and justice to be satisfied and cleansed.

Pray, Belovéd Children, for My Belovéd Little Flowers, that their eyes be blinded to darkness and their mouths mute and without invitations to darkness and deaf to the cloying voices of sin.  Pray for the mitigation of disasters in this World, for the earth also shudders by your sins.  Leave off all that is temporal and place Me before all things.  My Love is powerful and I do not lead My Belovéd Children wrongly.

Belovéd Children, forgive.  This World is so filled with a lack of forgiveness.  Know the treasure of Mercy wells within you and as you forgive those who have wounded you most egregiously, so shall I be generous in My Loving Mercy for you.