What matters is that the next Pope is a Catholic!”

Conflict? According to katholisches.info the German tabloid journalist Andreas Englisch has claimed during a recent conference in Limburg, Germany, that Pope Francis and Ex-Benedict XVI “are in complete disagreement” and “never speak to one another.” Ex-Benedict only appears in public “at the explicit request of Pope Francis.” What is shown on these occasions is, according to Englisch, “only the pretense of friendship.” 

Good Question: In an interview with cruxnow.com, Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze has said about himself: "By African standards, I'm not conservative, I'm normal." He added: "That word, ‘conservative,’ is understood by people in different ways. Suppose you say that when we did arithmetic, we learned that 2 +2 = 4. It’s still the same, so am I then ‘conservative’ for saying so?” Catholic: Asked whether the Church will see an African pope any time soon, Cardinal Arinze answered: "I don’t think it’s relevant where the pope comes from. What matters is that he’s a Catholic!” 

Wrong Friends: The Blog La Cigüeña de la Torre, writes on his famous blog: "One of the greatest concerns raised by this pontificate is the enthusiasm it arouses among declared enemies of the Church." 

Celibacy: Father Joshua Whitfield, a former Anglican parson who was ordained a Catholic priest, is married and has four children. Whitfield wrote a commentary for The Dallas Morning News entitled: "I'm a married Catholic priest who thinks priests shouldn't get married." In the article he writes: "You might be surprised to know most married Catholic priests are staunch advocates of clerical celibacy."