Changing your gender is now a Hallmark moment.

In 2015, the card company has quietly introduced an encouragement card under the category “transgender/transitioning.” But Hallmark’s transgender-focused cards finally penetrated the public psyche this week, after a Tweet about them by a teen services librarian went viral.

One of the cards includes a green and yellow butterfly on the front, along with the words “You’re becoming who you’ve always been.” Inside, it reads, “How wonderful is that?”

Hallmark also offers a yellow card that says on the front, “You are Trans-tastic,” with the inside left blank.
In a statement to PinkNews, Hallmark said it “makes cards for all kinds of relationships and situations, including many that might be defined as ‘non-traditional.’”

“It is our goal to be inclusive rather than exclusive so that our products appeal to the widest range of people who wish to communicate and connect with one another,” Hallmark said. “Not every card Hallmark offers will be right for every relationship, but we want every consumer to find one that is right.”
Hallmark also offers cards for gay weddings and anniversaries, same-sex expectant parents, and “our LGBTQIA family.”
The company has also published blog posts on gay and trans issues, including “Coming Out: Advice for Friends & Family” and “Expanding Your LGBT Social Network.”