Fr Amorth, (exorcist) on Medjugorje....

Last winter, I interviewed Father Amorth, the famous exorcist in Rome. 

He told me how bitterly the devil expresses his hatred when he invokes certain saints while performing exorcisms. For example, the devil cannot stand it when the exorcist invokes the intercession of St. John Paul II. When father Amorth asked him why, he answered, “Because he stole so many young people from me!”

Another time, Satan declared how he hated the prayer of the Rosary. “At each Ave Maria,” he stated, “I receive a painful blow on the back of my neck.” 
Sometimes during strong spiritual events in Medjugorje, tormented people start screaming. This was frequent during Jesus’ missions, as can be seen in the Gospel. These torments may have different  causes, but sometimes they are satanic presences expressing themselves through those people.

The other day, when Vicka was praying for a long time over the crowd in front of her, a woman started shouting out at her with a horrible man’s voice, “I can’t stand you any longer! Stop praying! You always forgive! You should have been dead a long time ago!  Shut up!” etc. 

Those cries from the enemy are meaningful and significant. Satan described clearly here what disarms him the most!  It is no wonder that Satan dislikes prayer and the practice of forgiveness! They make him powerless to do any harm!