He & I

He & I, Jesus to Gabrielle Bossis, France 

Corpus Christi (As I awakened.)

'Happy Feast Day, my dear God.

"Can you seek Me and not find Me? Here or there, am I not always waiting for you? Since I love you so dearly, just let yourself be loved and come to meet My love. Then it will really be Corpus Christi, my Feast.

You know, there need not be any interruption between Corpus Christi on earth and Corpus Christi in heaven. The procession never stops. The last Altar of Repose is in heaven - the heart of God where My blessed ones live. So begin right now to sing and thank and adore. Do you know what an Altar of Repose is? It's an élan of love and joy, an outburst of enthusiasm. So put altars of repose into your life, into each one of your days. 

Take a moment to love Us better. To talk to Me about yourself, above all about your weaknesses. I know them well, but in telling Me abut them you wipe them out, just as though you wrote them on the moving sand of the great desert that the wind never ceases to restore, smooth, and unwrinkled. This is what My love does. It never ceases to act. Leave yourself to Me. Be the clay and let Me be the potter. Often - I was going to say, 'always'."