I give you the grace to get through your day

Jesus to John Leary

Tuesday, May 2, 2017: (St. Anthanasius)

Jesus said: “My people, just as you saw St. Stephen stoned for his belief in Me, so My faithful are being persecuted for My Name’s sake. 
The world and your society are so secular, that you are facing many atheists and non-believers every day. 

You need to love everyone, but people may criticize you for your religious beliefs. I am the Bread of Life, and I am your source of strength through any trials or persecutions. 
When you receive Me in Holy Communion, I give you the grace to get through your day. Even as you are seeing so many rainy and cloudy days, I am the sunshine in your lives that lifts up your spirits. So call on Me in your needs, because I am always right by your side.”