In Order To Stop Satan. Plead The Blood Of Jesus

Children Of My Divine Heart, 

I love you with an everlasting love. I Am the King of Glory. I Am that I Am.
 I Am the Alpha and the Omega. Open your hearts to Me now. 
Surrender in all confidence. Give Me permission to transform your very lives. 

My Little Ones, My heart rejoices as you grow in obedience. 

Plead the Blood of Jesus, and continue to do so. 
Tell your friends, and all your family to do it every day. Satan is upset. 

Walk in obedience in this matter. Never forget that Jesus paid in full to redeem you.

 His sacrifice on the cross has made you free. Walk the Earth as My heirs. 

Obey Me. Keep My commandments, and draw nearer to Me each day. 

Plead the Blood of Jesus as you rise over you. 
Plead the Blood of Jesus onto you before you lay down to sleep. 
You will fall under My protection. The entire world must begin to plead the Blood
 of Jesus in order to stop Satan. Plead  the Blood of Jesus, ask for healing, and walk in faith.

 I leave you My kiss of peace. Shalom