Muslim rape gang leader blames “white community

UK: Muslim rape gang leader blames “white community for allowing teenage girls to go around unsupervised”

Of course, the “white community,” that is, non-Muslims, are always to blame for any wrongdoing by Muslims; leftists accept this guilt. No matter what the facts of any particular case are, leftists and Islamic supremacists frame the incident as one of white people (the villains) victimizing Muslims (the victims). Leftists and Islamic supremacists appear to have a common goal: to destroy Western civilization and representative government. In the meantime, the suffering of the young girls at the hands of Muslim “grooming” gang hooligans is largely forgotten.
The attitudes that the left inculcates in the face of these rape gangs were displayed recently by a Czech Girl Scout: when questioned by a Nazi, said she would “get over it” if she was raped by an immigrant. She is an icon of those leftists who support a bigotry of low expectations regarding Muslims, while the fact that she was opposed by a Nazi gives the left an opportunity to smear all reasonable individuals on the right — who simply advocate for sensible and safe immigration policies — as “neo-Nazi,” “white supremacist,” “far right” and “alt-right”.
“Shabir Ahmed: the Rochdale sex gang ringleader who blamed white community for not looking after girls”, by Nigel Bunyan, The Telegraph, May 18, 2017:
Shabir Ahmed, the man at the heart of the conspiracy carried on a secret affair with the white teenager who acted as his recruiter.
For a year he lived in fear that people in his own community might find out about the relationship and ostracise him.
On every occasion the couple had sex he would “go home, say two units of prayer and ask Allah forgiveness for doing wrong”.
He told the jury that fellow Pakistanis would regard him as having “infested” their community by sleeping with a white girl. “It’s not just them who are racist. We are racist too”.
Ahmed, who could not be named during the original trial, cut a belligerent figure in the courtroom, hurling insults at the judge and prosecution barristers and claiming he was the victim of a police-led conspiracy.
He dismissed the allegations against him as “white lies” made up by girls who had built up a profitable business empire by working as prostitutes.
“They were clever girls,” he told the jury. “If they’d gone on Lord Sugar’s Apprentice programme they would have won.
“They knew more Pakistanis than I as a Pakistani know. They knew what they were doing. They were earning good money”.
But for all his bravado he was unable to refute one crucial piece of evidence about DNA found on the clothing of a girl he raped and later trafficked around the north-west.
The defendant came to Britain as a boy in 1967. He settled in Oldham and raised a family, but has been separated from his wife since 2000.
He began the cycle of sexual abuse by plying his 15-year-old victim with vodka and then raping her above a takeaway restaurant in Heywood, Rochdale.
“It’s part of the deal,” he told her. “I bought you vodka, you have to give me something”.
He once threatened to have the teenager killed unless she got into his car, and on another occasion forced her to have sex with another man as a “treat”.
Ahmed blamed the white community for allowing teenage girls to go around unsupervised, so that at a young age they were “trained” in both sex and drinking……