No, Father James Martin, S.J. - there are no "gay" Saints

 16 May 2017 Vox Cantoris

Father James Martin, a Jesuit, Editor of America Magazine and now a Vatican hack in the truest sense, has recently said that some saints were "probably gay," and that we will be surprised when we get to heaven (please God!) to be "greeted by LGBT men and women." 
Let us be perfectly clear. Father James Martin is not a stupid man and I cannot judge if he is evil, but I can state without any doubt that what this Jesuit has said, is evil.

Image result for james martin jesuitThere are no LGBT people in heaven.

There are no sodomites in heaven.

There are no lesbians in heaven.

There are no fornicators, adulterers, murderers, liars or rapists in heaven.

There are Saints washed in the blood of Christ. There are men and women who suffered and overcame sin and triumphed through the Lamb. This includes men and women who had all kinds of temptations and did not give in to them and when they did, they repented, undertook penance and triumphed over sin and then endured, or still endure, Purgatory, where the Lamb's blood gloriously washes and the Spirit's fire refines that the soul may be pure enough to stand before the Father.

What Father Martin has done is manipulative and deceitful. It is evil. It is a lie.

God will not be mocked.