Philippines: Muslim terrorists kidnap Catholic priest, 13 others at cathedral

I haven’t read much about this in the news, have you?  The Religion of Peace is at work in the Philippines.
From a reader…
The reason for the email is a story coming out of the Philippines. Muslims kidnapped a Catholic Priest and 13 lay Catholics at the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians
In case you didn’t know martial law has been declared in parts of the Philippines.
This attack is important in part because Our Lady help of Christians explained here represents a great Catholic victory against the Muslims at the battle of Lepanto.
So the fact the Muslims picked the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians the day before the feast day of Our Lady help of Christians is hugely symbolic. The demonic Muslims flew the ISIS flag over the the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians before they burned it to the ground. Can you help getting more attention on this story?
Catholics need to know about Father Chito Suganob and the 13 Catholics being held. Sadly the so called “Catholic” media has not helped and the American media ran a few stories of no importance. The clergy has been useless as well. I hope I never get kidnapped by Muslims our people won’t even know to pray for me! So anything you can do to help getting eyeballs on this would be helpful. The SSPX does great work in the Philippines: