Pope Once Again Trashes Faithful Catholics


Yesterday the Pope addressed the Congress of the International Forum of Catholic Action in Rome.  He took the occasion to lob insults at those of us who adhere to the Traditions of the Church, as promulgated by Christ Himself and obeyed by Saints (known and unknown) these last twenty centuries.

He groused at the notion of "proselytism", equating it with coercion.  Of course he contradicted one of the last commands that Christ gave to His apostles just before He ascended, to "make disciples of all the nations, baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, teach them to carry out everything I have commanded you".  I urge you to read the LifeSiteNews link along with its related links as I haven't time nor stomach to rehash all the nonsense.

I will comment on one choice phrase.  He said, "you cannot be more restrictive than the Church herself".  Is that what he thinks of the teachings of Christ Himself with regards to faith and morals?  "Restrictive"?   Then he says "you cannot be more papist than the pope".  If he is trying to intimate that our level of fidelity to Holy Mother Church shouldn't exceed his own, he's gravely mistaken.  Ladies and gentlemen, we all have the solemn duty to ensure that each and every facet of our lives is in conformity with Church teaching.  Our very salvation depends on it.  I say the following in all sincerity.  If we content ourselves to live our faith in conformity with the haphazard blatherings that the pope has put forth, we may place our souls in jeopardy.