"Two popes, active and emeritus"

Vox Cantoris

More and more, the questions are being asked and hints are being dropped, leading many to wonder, is Ann Barnhardt's hypothesis correct? Is Benedict still the Pope, the real, Pope?

When a publication in the conservative Catholic world, solid and orthodox in the Novus Ordo world publishes an article stating, the following, one cannot just conclude that Ann is wrong, or a nut; she may, in fact, be on to something.

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"And so the two popes, active and emeritus, speaking and silent, remain at odds. In the end, it does not matter who comes last or speaks most; what matters is who thinks with the mind of a Church that has seen countless heresies come and go. When Benedict’s enraptured words are compared to the platitudes of his successor, it is hard not to notice a difference: One pope echoes the apostles, and the other parrots Walter Kasper. Because this difference in speech reflects a difference in belief, a prediction can be made. Regardless of who dies first, Benedict will outlive Francis."

Francis is the Pope because he is the Bishop or Rome. Ratzinger renounced the papacy in accord with Canon Law. Francis was elected by scoundrels and manipulators, but he has been accepted as bishop by the priests or Rome and the Catholic faithful. From all we can see, Father Bergoglio is the Pope.

But what of that which we cannot see?