And the Problem Is…

“The (Dubia) Cardinals begin their letter to the Pope by renewing their “absolute dedication and our unconditional love for the Chair of Peter and for Your august person, in whom we recognize the Successor of Peter and the Vicar of Jesus: the ‘sweet Christ on earth.’” 
You see, my friends that this treatment of Jorge Bergoglio has accomplished nothing. So, where do they go from here?
Now I know that his manner of closing is customary in correspondence with the Papacy and I do not criticize its intent in that regard. But I wonder what it accomplishes, if anything, but to embolden His Humbleness to make even more dramatic and dangerous moves towards Modernism and away from Absolute Truth. To compare Jorge Bergoglio with “Jesus: the sweet Christ on earth” is tantamount IMO of utter blasphemy. Would it not be better to close their request with a simple: “We await your response for the hour is late and the clock is ticking.”

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