Eucharistic Miracle--Blanot, France

The Eucharistic miracle occurred ina small town called Blanot, in France. It was Easter Sunday, March 31, 1331. Because of the solemn occasion, two men of the parish were also serving Holy Communion in addition to the altar boys. At Communion time, the two men approached the altar railing, took their places at each end, and turned the long cloth over the railing. The parishoners took their places, held their hands underneath the cloth, and waited for the approach of the priest. 

One of the last to receive was a woman names Jacquette. The priest placed the Host on her tongue, turned, and started walking back to the altar. It was then that the two men, and a few communicants saw the Host fall from her mouth, and land on the cloth that covered her hands. Immediately, the two parishoners giving out Communion informed the priest. 

The priest immediately left the altar and approached the railing; but instead of finding the Host, all that was there was a spot of blood the same size as the Host. When Mass was over, the priest took the cloth into the sacristy and tried to scrub the blood spot with water; but insted of getting smaller and lighter, it just got bigger and darker. 

The priest and his assistants were astonished and the priest exclaimed, " This is the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ ." The priest then took a clean knife, and cut out the area of the cloth stained with the Holy Blood, and he reverently placed it in the tabernacle. Fifteen days later, there was an investigation, and the relic was proven to be true. Sometime later, a crystal tube was made for the relic. At either end are rings of gold and copper, witha cross surmounting the top. The tube, with the cloth clearly visible, is sealed and kept in a special obstensorium. This is adorned at its base with four painted panels depicting events in the history of the relic. 

Each year on Easter Monday, according to ancient custom, the relic is solemnly exposed in the church of Blanot.