I am calling you to serve Me



Today, again, I call out to My chosen souls. 

Dear one, I am calling you to serve Me. Do not fear that I am calling you to complete an impossible task. 

Again I tell you that anything I ask of you will be made easy for you. I do not want my little souls failing to serve Me because they are afraid. Believe Me when I say that My plan is perfect and it is the best possible plan for you. All circumstances have been addressed in advance for you by My Divine Providence. Dearest child of My heart, of what can you possibly be afraid? Your Jesus will not abandon you. 

Your Jesus will not set you a task and leave you without the graces necessary to accom- plish this task. I have seen to everything. 

You need only pray and obey. Do you refuse Me this? I want you to set an example to your brothers and sisters who have not yet returned to Me. They must see you and desire to emulate you in order to have what you have. You must have faith, because it is then that I can place peace in your heart, and it is peace that is so attractive to those still restlessly wander- ing through the darkness in the world. 

Be at peace now, in your decision to serve Me. All of heaven is watching and desires to see you succeed. You have an infinite amount of help. The evil one will be defeated, My child, and My chosen souls will be instrumental in this process. Do not be afraid that My service will cost you more than you have to give. Your Jesus calls you from the world now to take direction. You must pray and I will fill the longing in your heart.