I received an interesting and sad…vision

June 22, 2017  http://www.gods-messages-for-us.com/

As I was praying the Divine Mercy, I received an interesting and sad…vision?  Well, I was praying as Jesus carried His heavy cross and how heavy and terrible it was.  Then, I saw all those people yelling at Him and spitting on Him and such.  It occurred to me very suddenly that we do the exact same thing today.  We throw insults at Jesus. . . .  Then, I saw the earth become a fireball in space again.  It was rotating so quickly this time that it was almost a blur.  It is like the one I saw before.  Just faster. 

Father, You are so always right!

Belovéd Child, I am glad to have your Heart so much closer to Me.  I worry as any Father does when My Belovéd Children stray.  Oh, Child, hear My Calls.  This World falls into itself and still no one sees.  Belovéd Child, you must not be lax in your prayers.  How can you do My Work if you do not know My Will?  How can you lead or help others if you are weakened and cannot help yourself?  You do not seek Me out, as I would like and thus, you miss My Many gifts.
Oh Child, work harder.  There is (a) Time that the skies will grow so dark and My Servants will hide under the glowing earth and it is only there where you will find the Christ of the Holiest Most Revered Covenant.  It shall be a difficult time and every person who says My Name will say it with danger to their Hearts.  Ridicule will turn into insults.  Insults into intolerance, and intolerance into violence.

Belovéd Children, do not wait for the great storm to come and gird your belts and prepare your homes.  But you must prepare and keep those you hold so dearly to your Heart, safe from the detriments beyond.

Belovéd Children, again I answer, you shall prepare with GREAT PRAYER.  I hear your prayers and when you call on Me, surely I will do anything for My Doting and Reverent Children.  Ask Me to crumble mountains and that (which you see) before you should settle to dust.  Ask for new Life, and I readily embrace you.  Ask for forgiveness and My Heart swells in anticipation of having you back in My Protective arms.

Belovéd Children, do not become lax in your faith in Me.  When the army is not at war, the soldiers are idle, they no longer have discipline or structure or that which they continuously do.   They are distracted be lesser things, and it is at these undisciplined hours that the opposing army strikes.

Thus, it is for you, My Prayerful Children.  You see no change or have no battle to fight, and you have become idle in your work.  You are distracted by lesser things of lesser import.   And when does the enemy strike?  When does the storm roar?  When does the master return?  The enemy strikes when you are least ready, when they see that you are idle and undisciplined.  The storm comes and will lift your home off the ground and toss it aside.  It will carry you up in its wounding gales and the winds will batter at you when you are not prepared, and when your Lord comes, how shall He find you?  With a home in disarray?  No dinner prepared?  No fire for warmth?  No reverence or respect or Love shown for your Lord God?

So shall I not know you when you do not know Me.  So shall you be flung from My Kingdom like a breaking storm.  You will see the army before you and know within your Soul that these are the hallmarks of sin and perdition.  But when you are a disciplined soldier, you are ready for war, and when you ready your home for a storm, you rest easy knowing that your family and home are safe.  How shall you prepare for your Lord and Master?

I say to you, you must prepare with open Hearts, ready prayer, and continuous Love.  You know Love (God) more deeply and bring us closer together by the EXTREME Blessings of the Eucharist bestowed (upon) Man.  You Love your Brothers and Sisters and think of them without malice.  You Love and forgive, even when your efforts are shunned.  You Love those who ridicule and despise you.  You do not judge.  Do not judge in your mind and voice.  You pray deeply for the Souls who are in Purgatory’s darkness or grey nothing.  You praise the name of the Christ Jesus with great affection, reverence, Love, and awe.  You praise your Holy Savior and pay Him homage for His HUGE Love for you.  You Love at every moment and ask for My Forgiveness that your Soul will be prepared.

Belovéd Children, to many, these are words without action.  As hours pass after you have prayed or gone to My Peaceful abode or have read the Bible, know your intentions are good but your human-ness or Humanity is too weak orsimple to follow through [on our desire to be good].  Your thoughts are pure and in the next hour, they are murderous or impatient or pride-filled or worrisome.  Belovéd Children, act upon My Words!  Act as if you see Jesus, My Belovéd Son, at every corner and within every Heart.  Do not be boastful or a hypocrite.  When you see a person alone and cast out by Man, do not pass him by without a word.  Show that My Light is stronger than sunlight and deeper than oceans.  My Will for Man is Love.  When you do not Love your Brothers, how can you Love Me?

Belovéd Children, pray.  Pray for your own strength in battling down sin.  Pray, and give comfort to those held in Purgatory.  Pray, and I give you discernment by the Spirit with whom We are One.  Pray, and I shall move rivers for you.  Pray, and I hold you tightly, carefully or glued to My Side.

Belovéd Children, pray for My destructive or disrupted daughter, for there is within her halls and rooms those who should not be.  Beware of the one in red.  It is as red as blood and as beautiful as a cardinal.  Its judgements will sound just but the core of his Heart, like an apple choked with worms, is dark and filled with envy and hatred for Me and My Belovéd Daughter.  Pray, as she is in need of prayer.*

Pray for those who are dying that their Souls be purged of darkness and reunited with Me, their Loving Father and Lord God.  Pray for mothers and fathers, but especially the mothers.  Their sins are often greater.

Belovéd Child, do not doubt and do not fear.  Remove your pride from your work, for you are My Tool and I wield you with Love and indulgence and affection.   Belovéd Child, pray.  I give you My lasting peace.

[*I believe this is the Church.]