Is Pope Francis a true Pope?

Here are the Messages given to me and the Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy of Ireland, and the Little Pebble regarding this matter.
3 July 2007 (LP) – Jesus: When the curtain falls upon Pope Benedict, the world will go into total darkness.
1 January 2009 (LP) – Jesus: Pope Benedict will be removed and an Evil One shall take his place.
8 December 2012 (LP) – Our Lady: The Holy Father soon will be removed.
1 February 2013 (LP) – Jesus: Pope Benedict to undergo Calvary; Pope Benedict removed by the False Prophet – Evil One to take his place.
14 February 2013 (MDM) – Jesus: My Vicar has fallen – My Church will fall.
15 February 2013 (LP) – Jesus: Pope Benedict forced to abdicate; False Pope to be placed upon the Throne.
16 February 2013 (MDM) – Jesus: The departure of Pope Benedict marks the beginning of the end. The False Prophet will now take over.
19 February 2013 (MDM) – Jesus: My Vicar has been viciously ousted.
22 March 2013 (LP) – Jesus: Benedict only true Pope at this time.
1 April 2014 (MDM) – Jesus: Pope Francis will change the laws.
18 May 2013 (LP) – Jesus: Pope Benedict will leave the Vatican soon.
31 May 2013 (LP) – Jesus: The False Prophet, Pope Francis, will call a new Ecumenical Council, to change the Laws in the guise of a Church of Poverty – a Church of the People. 
21 July 2013 (LP) – Jesus: All men will know that the one who sits on the Throne of Peter does not come from Me.
August 2013 (LP) – Jesus: Pope Francis – the False Prophet.