Jesus: I am going to take many people from this world

Our Lord keeps telling me, “As time passes, I am going to take many people from this world, before the events really start to unfold.”
We need to encourage people to repent of their sins, to go to confession. Our Lord says this because He knows that many people will not be able to go through the suffering that is to come upon the world.
People call on Jesus and you will be saved. Be charitable and do good deeds.

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
Our Lord said, “I want you to be joyful and courageous, today.”
Smiling, He said,” See My child, I Am praised beautifully in Heaven, by the whole Heavenly Congregation. You, My children on earth, should praise Me and love Me the way they praise Me in Heaven.”
As I received Holy Communion, I came back to my pew and knelt down as I usually do. Then I would usually offer to our Lord, the Holy Souls, relatives, the sick and anyone that has asked for prayer.
However, today our Lord gave me a special command. He said, “Today, I want you to swallow Me, the whole Host, without breaking it down in your mouth and offer Me for the world. I tell you, the world is really bad. Pray for the world.”
It must be something urgent for our Lord to have asked Me to do this.
If everybody could do this and offer Holy Communion for the world, the whole Host, it could avert something evil that is hanging over the world right now.