I will convince you that in My presence, with My power, everything is possible

My children, I am with you. Your God, your Creator, speaks this message in so many ways. In every daybreak you must hear My voice saying, ‘I am with you.’ When tempted toward despair because of crosses and hardships, you must hear Me whispering, ‘I am with you.’ When you look at the work you must do and find it overwhelming, allow me to move you gently into it with perfect assurance that ‘I am with you.’ Dearest apostles, so brave, I am with you. I do not tell you that you will be overcome. I do not tell you that you have been given work which is impossible for you to complete. 

Those messages do not come from Me. Instead, I tell you that you will persevere and ultimately triumph. Our mission of mercy does not falter, even though the steps of my little apostles sometimes falter. This mission pushes through the world with a steadiness that defies all attempts against it. My apostles experience fear at times. This is not a problem for Me or this mission. Fear is to be expected. Bring your fear to Me and explain to Me exactly what threatens you.

 If you do this, I can remove your fear. I will convince you that in My presence, with My power, everything is possible. You have an expectation of your little boat crashing against rocks. I will never allow this. If I am steering the boat that is your work, you will be carried safely. Push on into each day with courage, understanding that while you may not be able, I am able. You may lack courage, but I have courage. You sometimes walk in darkness, but I have the light with which to see exactly where your footsteps are taking you. Dear apostles, it is a time for hard work, yes, but a time for great glory, also. Rejoice. I am with you.