Poland Defies Merkel

In a rather pleasant development, Poland has announced they will pose the question of forced Islamisation via “migrant” quotas to the people. The question is fully justified as the matter directly impinges on the security and on the culture of the land. Oh joy. 
The referendum will probably take place in 2019. There is no doubt sanity will win in a landslide. 
At that point, Nazi Bitch (who will, I think, still be in power; the German being very much attached to following their Female Fuehrer) will have a huge problem in her hands: she can recognise the will of the people, thus destroying the project of forced islamisation outright. Or, she can try to impose the will of the German Reich and attempt to kick out Poland from the EU, thus losing face altogether and destroying the EU project outright.
This is a brilliant move, and I suspect Countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic will follow the example. It will be great fun. 
The antidemocratic, anti-Western, anti-Christian attempt of atheist “elites” to manipulate the people's of Europe is fraught with big obstacles having mainly to do with Christianity and democracy. The inane PC thinking of atheist Germany will be challenged in ways not seen up to now, courtesy of people with fear of the Lord and common sense in their brains. 
God bless Poland. They pave the way for sanity within the (so long as it still exists) EU.