Rainbow Flags on Fatima Pilgrimage Church for "Pride"?

(Fatima) The month of June is claimed by the homo-movement as "la "month of Gay  pride". Montserrat Sanmartí Fernández reported on the Spanish blog Como Vara de Almendro last Tuesday: "New profanation in Fatima. Homo flag on the pillars of the sanctuary. "

To this end the blog published a photo of the old pilgrimage church with the surrounding  pillars. It can be seen that, on each side of the church, six-color cloths were placed on each of the  pillars on the porch, which are strikingly similar in the general view to the Aberrosexual flag.

In the Catholic Church, the rainbow flag is common and a much older symbol than the homo-flag, which has only been recognized since 1989.. The rainbow is the symbol of the Old Covenant between God and man and is used in the Christian context as a symbol of peace.
The Christian symbol and the homo-flag are almost identical and can not be distinguished by the untrained eye. In the meantime, the "rainbow flag", as the pride flag as it is also called in English speaking lands, was largely adopted by Gay Pride Movement. That it is also a Christian peace symbol will no longer be known to many.

The difference between both flags is the number of colors. The Christian flag has seven colors, the homo flag only six (...)

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