Stand up for Bishop Paprocki!

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 27, 2017
In the midst of the Bergoglian tumult, now in its fifth year, only a few bishops still have the courage to defend publicly what the Church has always taught about marriage, procreation and human sexuality. Over the past four years, in a development of apocalyptic proportions, the Vatican has been lending aid and comfort to a systematic subversion of adherence to the Sixth Commandment, violation of which is the cause of more souls being lost than any other sin, as Our Lady of Fatima warned.
Thus, it is no surprise that, while the Vatican remains silent, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki has come under savage attack for his decree denying any form of ecclesial accommodation to “gay marriage,” which was the subject of yesterday’s column. The Modernist rag National Catholic Reporter, for example, denounces the bishop as “unhinged.”
One of the ringleaders in the attack on the good bishop is this character ­—
— the militantly pro-“gay” Fr. James Martin, S.J., whom I have profiled here
Somehow escaping all consequences, Martin has been fluttering here, there and everywhere in a veritable campaign to mainstream sodomy in the Church, including a book on “building a bridge” to the “gay community” and the endorsement of the sodomy-promoting “New Ways Ministry,” which (before the Bergoglian tumult began) was condemned even by the U.S. bishops as well as the Vatican for its blatant subversion of Church teaching. Even the liberal journal Crux online looks askance at Martin’s pro-homosexual antics.
Martin has blasted Bishop Paprocki for daring to declare that purported “marriages” based on sexual deviancy cannot in any way be recognized by the Church. The bishop, he declares in a Facebook hissy fit, is guilty of “unjust discrimination” unless he also refuses to recognize the valid marriages of normal heterosexual Catholics who commit grave sins other than sodomy.
As Father John Zuhlsdorf rightly observes of Martin’s outburst: “This, friends, is the raving of a lunatic.” Martin, he justly concludes, is a “homosexual sex obsessed Jesuit.” Yet, in the current ecclesial climate, Martin is a widely lauded Catholic celebrity who knows that he has nothing to fear from any ecclesiastical authority, much less Pope Bergoglio, in this epoch of “who am I to judge?”.
I urge every reader of this column to follow “Father Z’s” suggestion that members of the faithful send Bishop Paprocki a note of encouragement and support through his diocesan contact site, which is found here. Pray for the bishop and tell him that you are doing so. 
In the midst of the apostasy that begins at the top, every sign of orthodoxy needs to be cultivated like seedlings in a barren wheat field, filled with stones that have been dropped there for want of bread. For, in the end, it is the hierarchy that will restore the Church as the instruments of God’s providence when the time for Russia’s consecration and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has finally arrived.