The False Church of the False Prophet Pope

It has now become clear with prophecy and mounting evidence that Pope Benedict was ousted from the Seat of Peter by devious means and has been forced to walk a terrible path in disgrace through no fault of his own. Like Christ, he will now be whipped, sneered at and made to look foolish. He has been deceived terribly. He is in a prison, harsher than any actual prison. And prophecy says things will get worse for him, and he will have to flee Rome before the Great Warning, and from exile with lead the Remnant, until he suffers a cruel death.
Pope Francis is the last pope. And there is no prophecy anywhere that says there will be another pope after him or that he will be successfully deposed. In fact, everything in prophecy points states that he will nearly succeed destroying the Catholic Church. While he is the man who sits in the Chair of Peter, he is not from God but is according to prophecy the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation. And the Bible says his task is to prepare for the Antichrist, in the opposite way that St. John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus Christ. To get things ready, he is initiating the diabolical plan to destroy the Catholic Church from within, tampering with the teachings of Christ and trying to destroy our allegiance to God by denouncing His teachings, twisting Christ’s doctrine so it becomes heresy. Though he is the leader of the Catholic Church on earth, he is working deceitfully to change the Church’s teachings and the Word of God to present the newly renovated, modern church. He is the right hand of the Beast.