The Mass Will Become Invalid

Jut this week it has been reported that Pope Francis has formed a secret commission made up of Catholics, Lutherans, and Anglicans tasked with the implementing of a “New Mass” that will include all three denominations united together. The darkness of contamination is already upon us, at our door. And this is more prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes, or should I say under our noses! Whether this will be it or soon afterwards, prophecy clearly warns that the point will soon be reached when the whole Mass will no longer be valid. It will be declared to become a different kind of sacrifice to God and the faithful remnant will know, instantly, when it will happen, for the practice of the Holy Mass will be stopped by the false prophet pope. In the place of the Holy Mass will be a one-world pagan ritual and the New Mass will become a pagan ceremony. That day this happens is still to come and it will happen suddenly and unexpectedly – so fast will the false prophet move. The moment this happens, walk away!
As this darkest of days arrives we need to gather in groups to ensure that the remnant will be able to receive the Most Holy Eucharist during the final persecution. This persecution is mainly a spiritual one. The true disciples, and I mean all Christians, of every denomination, everywhere, will watch in great sorrow when they have to bear witness to the Great Deceit, which will descend fully over the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church will embrace the secular world and will declare mortal sin to be no more. This is the error which was foretold and which if God does not intervene will lead millions into the fires of Hell, led there by the false prophet and the antichrist.
Pray, pray, pray that the false prophet will be identified by competent and courageous Church leaders for who he is. Pray that this Message will spread. Pray for the graces required to ensure you and your loved ones will rise above the deceit of Satan in these times.