The story of a candle lit every Saturday for the poor souls


Maria Simma says: ‘I knew of a woman who had made the Poor Souls the promise to light a blessed candle for them every Saturday. On one such Saturday her husband said, "Oh stop that, you don't have to do that. It's old ­fashioned, and the dead are happy. They hardly need that, and I don't care what you promised them." 

The woman, of course, was saddened but still wanted to go ahead with it, but without being disobedient to her husband. So she thought, "All right, I'll just stick it in the wood stove where George won't see it. He hasn't lost anything in there." So she went ahead and put it in there, closing the little door that, by the way, had a small window in it. Then she left the house and soon her husband returned. As he was about to throw something away he glanced over to the stove and to his surprise saw some light inside. This puz­zled him, and he opened the little door to look inside. To his great astonishment, turning somewhat pale, he not only saw the burning candle, but around it six pairs of perfectly folded hands. Shocked, he closed the door and waited for his wife to return. When she did, he said, "Why put your candle inside the stove? You might as well put it out here on the table."

The holy souls and the reception of Communion in the hand and the use of Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers

Maria was very traditional in the beliefs and practice of the Catholic faith--and these views, she stated, was because of what the 'holy souls' had taught her. For instance, she was very much against the reception of Communion in the hand. According to her, the holy souls taught her that receiving Communion in the hand was offensive to God, and moreover that the Bishops who had pushed for this practice in their Dioceses had committed a grave sacrilege, and would have to pay dearly for this in Purgatory. 

In fact, the holy souls had allegedly told of one certain Bishop who had to stay in Purgatory until the end of the world, apparently for this very reason. And then she also stated that there is a bishop who is going to have to stay in Purgatory until the permission for Communion in the hand in his diocese is rescinded. To illustrate this point, she would state that none of the Popes (so far) will give Communion in the hand, nor have they ever permitted it in the diocese of Rome (the pope is the bishop of Rome).