What To Do In These Last Times

A New Church That Abandons Doctrine and Promotes Sin
The schism in the Catholic Church, so long prophesied, has begun. There has arisen two churches and one is seeking to destroy and replace the other. The Head of Christ on earth has been deviously and deceptively replaced by the Head of the Serpent from hell just as the Book of Revelation warned. Though this current Pope was elected by members within the Catholic Church, he is the false prophet and an imposter and invalid pope who has the secret agenda of promoting disloyalty to the Church’s Teachings and promoting a false doctrine of tolerance to sin. The plan by the false prophet pope to deceive the world’s clergy has begun. Jesus’ Teachings are now being attacked by him in the first of many challenges, which will result in the prophesied Great Schism of the Church. The faithful will continue to be pulled in two different directions. These divisions will increase, until finally all God’s children will have to make the choice. They will either follow the false illusion, presented by the false prophet, who says that he speaks in the Name of God but with disguised double talk to deceive even many of the faithful, or they will follow the Truth of Christ and His Word. Half will follow the false prophet out of misguided duty and fear. Others, filled with the Holy Spirit and given graces of discernment, who know that an imposter now sits in the Church in Rome, and see clearly how he schemes to denounce the Teachings of Christ and authentic Marian devotion, as he hates Mary as much as Jesus, will not follow him into his schism but will remain faithful to the true Church as a remnant.
The Remnant faithful will then unite and rise to spread the Gospels, when they will have been pushed to one side as the Schism takes place by the false prophet. Many cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns and ordinary people will be (falsely and invalidly) excommunicated, as they rightly refuse to follow the new rules or adore the false prophet. At this stage the remnant faithful will have to seek out refuges. Again, this sounds radical, and an unreality even just a few years ago, but now many who have been rejecting these Messages until now are starting to see the awful truth as they are witnessing the blasphemies, which are now being poured from the mouth of the current Pope, just as prophecy indicated would occur.
Just as Jesus was crucified so, too, will His Church on earth now be crucified by the false prophet and the antichrist. Benedict will suffer greatly until his dying breath. And as the Church is being crucified, all its disciples, just as it was with Jesus’ apostles, will be nowhere to be seen. They will go into hiding for fear of reprisals. In the hour of the Church’s greatest crisis, those who should speak will remain silent, Our Lady of Good Success warned.
But the voice of the imposter, the False Prophet, will ring out across the world. Rome will lose the faith. And soon Jesus’ Presence will no longer grace the altars within His Church. The Eucharist will no longer be celebrated validly and the doorway will be opened for Rome to become the seat of the antichrist. Yes, become the seat of the antichrist. It will be then that God’s Hand, in chastisement, will fall in punishment. This is when the Battle of Armageddon will begin wherein God will thwart the plans of the two deceivers and lend a divine Hand of aid to His faithful.
The Crucifixion of Christ’s Church must come about because of the Final Covenant, to purify and sanctify humanity, so that then the Glorious Resurrection of the Church, the New Jerusalem, will wipe away all the tears, all the suffering, and usher in the 1000-Year Era of Peace.
You must decide whose side you are on, or you will soon find yourself on the wrong side by forfeit. Beware! The false prophet is seducing you. Charming you. Convincing you that he represents the Truth. You must now show your allegiance to Christ. Make no mistake, as God’s Word is tampered with, the Truth is being torn asunder. Lies are thus infesting souls. And as this is happening, people are, unwittingly, following a path that will end in despair, because of the lies, which they are being forced to swallow, by the false prophet. By your fruits you shall know them, and 4 ½ years of his pontificate prove his fruit is rotten to the core. He is spreading lies with pride and contempt in his heart as he tries to create a new church. In the name of social justice and social compassion, the false prophet is setting out, what the world will believe to be, to evangelize and create a modern church. This church will be seen to reach out to all sinners and to embrace them, without a call to repentance or genuine conversion. The problem with this Final War is that those who side with the antichrist and the false prophet will be seen to be doing great good in the world. Priests will be required to swear to a final oath and the faithful to make a new faith pledge, which will be a form of the Sacrament of Confirmation, both presented by the false prophet as part of his global plan to unite all religions in the world into the new false church. The deceitful false prophet was sent by Satan to mislead the Church on Earth and to prepare for the reign of the antichrist. The false prophet idolizes Satan from which he gets his dynamic power, and he wants to topple the Catholic Church and break it into little pieces.

A New Church Where the Mass Will Become Invalid
Jut this week it has been reported that Pope Francis has formed a secret commission made up of Catholics, Lutherans, and Anglicans tasked with the implementing of a “New Mass” that will include all three denominations united together. The darkness of contamination is already upon us, at our door. And this is more prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes, or should I say under our noses! Whether this will be it or soon afterwards, prophecy clearly warns that the point will soon be reached when the whole Mass will no longer be valid. It will be declared to become a different kind of sacrifice to God and the faithful remnant will know, instantly, when it will happen, for the practice of the Holy Mass will be stopped by the false prophet pope. In the place of the Holy Mass will be a one-world pagan ritual and the New Mass will become a pagan ceremony. That day this happens is still to come and it will happen suddenly and unexpectedly – so fast will the false prophet move. The moment this happens, walk away!
As this darkest of days arrives we need to gather in groups to ensure that the remnant will be able to receive the Most Holy Eucharist during the final persecution. This persecution is mainly a spiritual one. The true disciples, and I mean all Christians, of every denomination, everywhere, will watch in great sorrow when they have to bear witness to the Great Deceit, which will descend fully over the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church will embrace the secular world and will declare mortal sin to be no more. This is the error which was foretold and which if God does not intervene will lead millions into the fires of Hell, led there by the false prophet and the antichrist.
Pray, pray, pray that the false prophet will be identified by competent and courageous Church leaders for who he is. Pray that this Message will spread. Pray for the graces required to ensure you and your loved ones will rise above the deceit of Satan in these times.

Preparing for the Rise of the Antichrist
The false prophet pope is preparing for the Antichrist, who will eventually sit in the Seat of Peter in Rome. The false prophet pope, while busy with his lofty ambitions to impress the world’s Catholics, will then be pushed to one side, for a while, because the antichrist will at this time enter the world stage, as foretold. When you hear the media reports of the new, promising, skilled, peace negotiator, you will know who he is. He will be a very close ally of the false prophet and is under no illusion as to who he is – the son of Satan.
The antichrist will be from the east and speak several languages, but not a word of Latin. He will arise to fame first as a peacemaker in Jerusalem between the Palestinians and the Jews. Hailed as a modern innovator, he will be received by the whole world as he will engage in great humanitarian efforts until he proclaims his solution to unite all churches into a one-world religion which will secretly pay homage to the beast, and he will condone every sin as the most influential leader of all time. The antichrist will claim to be a Christian, but he and the false prophet really idolize Satan, and the three together make up the anti-trinity in their final battle on earth against the Triune God. Large images, in every kind of format, of the beast will be spread, whose sign 666 will be embedded within every single mark he makes upon an unsuspecting world, particularly in the monetary microchip. This deceit has one purpose, to turn the whole world over to Lucifer who is scheming how he can take every soul to hell.
Soon the cohort of the false prophet will announce the unfolding schism before the world’s media and announce the building of a new temple – the new temple dedicated to the rule of the false prophet who will succeed in separating the Church’s teachings from the Ten Commandments, as the Church is defiled by the sins planned by people who want to destroy Christianity and other religions. All will be told to embrace each other, whatever their creed, their religion, their skin color, their race, their laws. They will all be asked to send representatives to the new temple, which will be located in Rome. They will be told that this is the New Jerusalem, prophesized in the Bible and protected by God’s chosen leader – the false prophet.
Then, pay attention to the friendship the false prophet will display with the antichrist, for they will be two of the most deceitful followers of Satan in history – wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. These two who will bear the image of goodness, but will lead many of God’s children astray through deception. They will blind many to the Truth as the sweeping changes, which they will bring about, throughout their reign, will detach people from the Laws of God. The antichrist masquerading as a man of peace will receive many awards in acknowledgement of his humanitarian works. The false prophet will be seen to be uniting the churches of the world and displaying, at every opportunity, all those attributes, which you associate with a saint. The antichrist will, along with the false prophet, then create a global partnership, which will be presented as the greatest humanitarian initiative. The world will applaud this New Babylon headquartered in Rome. These two will be ruthless in their quest to control all nations and anyone who dares to stand in their way will be simply ignored or destroyed.
During all this time, Peter the Roman, as we know from St. Malachy’s prophecy of the last popes, will rule the Catholic Church. This of course is St. Peter himself guiding the Church from Heaven. He will help guide Pope Benedict through these times. And the true Church, which Jesus promised not even the jaws of hell can prevail against, will remain intact through the Remnant faithful who will adhere to the authentic Magisterium and to the unchanging Truth of God’s Word in a united remnant on earth during the final battle. When Pope Benedict goes into exile and is forced to flee the Vatican, he will still be a guide to the faithful ones and help them to see the truth for a time. Only after he has left the Vatican will the Great Warning then occur. Only God’s intervention can help humanity now.

Then The Great Warning Will Suddenly Occur
Our only hope at this point will be for God to intervene to help us. And God has promised through His prophecy that He will intervene. God will indeed intervene as He has prophesied He will!
Jesus told St. Faustina and Our Lady told Fr. Gobbi that the world is in such dire straits due to sin today, and that the only hope for it is a divine intervention of God’s mercy, of which it will soon receive in the form of the Great Warning.
The Warning will shock everyone. There will be great signs in the skies before the Warning takes place. Stars will clash with such impact that humanity will think the spectacle they see in the sky as being catastrophic and world-ending. As these comets infuse, a great red sky will result and the sign of the cross will be seen all over the world by everyone. Many will be frightened. But it will be wonderful as we will see, for the first time in our lives, a truly Divine Sign from Heaven, that represents the great and foretold news of God’s mercy for sinners everywhere.
The world is about to experience the greatest act of God’s mercy in history, since the time of Christ’s death. Every man, woman, and child over the age of reason will be shown God’s mercy to bring all humanity to conversion. The Warning is being granted to awaken the world, pull it from the grips of the evil one, and purify God’s children in preparation for the Second Coming of Christ. Through it, many people will seek forgiveness for their sins, which would not otherwise have done so and thus be saved.
But don’t wait for the Warning. You must seek conversion and redemption now before the Warning, and then pray for others as it approaches. Those who still have hatred in your hearts will feel great pain and anguish during the Warning. You will experience the same pain you inflicted upon others. Make no mistake: the Warning is a form of divine Judgment. You will witness the same pain and suffering that you will endure when you will be cast into the fires of Hell, if you do not repent. Even if you find the Warning excruciatingly painful, you must welcome it and use it to convert. Yes, if they confess and admit their sins, they will receive God’s blessing. If they don’t, they will eventually be cast into Hell. Others will experience the penance of suffering the pain of Purgatory, which will purify them. Some will even die during the Warning from shock, so pray for them now.
As God will intervene to help bring the world to its senses through the Warning, this purification will awaken the world and finally make it able to regard and truly listen to the divine messages and prophecy of our times. It will be then that this heavenly Message of which I speak today, rejected for the most part up till now, will be sought out, heard, and welcomed by many. Then they will realize the Truth.
Christ’s great Gift of Mercy will destroy the effect that Satan has over God’s children. His Gift of The Warning will dilute the terror that would have continued to gain momentum were this not to take place. The Warning, will without question, ease any such persecutions, because so many will be converted. Pray now for a global conversion, and to dilute any torment that will evolve during the reign of the antichrist and the false prophet. As soon as The Warning happens and when conversion takes place, you must move quickly to spread God’s Word. There is an urgency to this because this will be a crucial period. That is when, through the work of God’s faithful followers everywhere, that His children will be able to stay on the right path. It will be the time when prayer and conversion can dilute the impact of the havoc, which will come about through the reign of both the antichrist and the false prophet.
The Catholic Church is in a grave situation. Without intervention of God, the Blessed Mother and St. Michael it would not be possible for it to be saved. But these words of Jesus will also be fulfilled: “I am with you all days, even to the end of the world.” There is great cause for hope.
Pray for the discernment to recognize Jesus’ True Voice when it is given to you through authentic prophets. Open your hearts now and listen to what He has to tell you through them. The prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation are unfolding before your eyes. Satan will not win over the Church if priests are alert by prophecy and the signs of the times to the great deceit and see it for what it is, a diabolical lie. As Paul instructs: “Examine every thing and retain what is good. “The words of the scriptures must be fulfilled. It is necessary that things take place in such a way so that the world is passed through the crucible, according to the prophecy of Christ Himself.
During these end times defend God’s Word, at all costs. The time for choice is close. The abomination has not happened yet, but when you see the errors, which go against Christ’s Teachings and His Gift of the Sacraments as He founded them, walk away. That day is close. Then you must gather and continue to follow the Rules of the Faith as a remnant Church.

The Remnant Church
In the Book of Revelation, the woman gives birth to the True Church, Christ’s loyal flock, who will not be misled by the false prophet. You are the Church referred to in the Book of Revelation. You are the product of the woman who gave birth to a male and who was cast out into the desert, where you will be isolated, yet united as one, to live and proclaim God’s Word and preach the True Gospels in these end times. As Daniel warned: “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the horrible abomination is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days (1,290). (Daniel 12:11, Revelation 13:5) And since you will not agree to participate in this, you will be cast aside into the desert for 1,260 days, where you will take refuge as a united remnant. You will have to honor Jesus in secret, because the Mass will change beyond recognition, under the rule of the false prophet. It will be changed, twisted and Jesus will be vilified through new laws introduced by the False Prophet. You will soon be told that Holy Communion, the True Presence is, in fact, something else. Defend the Truth of the Crucifixion and the Sacrifice of the Mass. Do not accept the lies or the changes in the Holy Mass and the Holy Eucharist. Many of you will become saints in the New Paradise and, having helped build Christ’s Remnant Church on Earth, will reign with Him in the New Heaven and Earth, which will emerge at His Second Coming.

What To Do In These Last Times
Pray and Get Ready
You must mortify yourselves and go to Confession at least every four weeks. But prayer and suffering are important too. In the world of today, even the Catholic world, many have completely lost sight of the truth that suffering for others is necessary and efficacious. The fact that we are all part of the Mystical Body of Christ, and that we must all suffer for each other, has been completely forgotten. These terrible, terrible sufferings you experience in the darkness of our times are the most precious there can be and the most fruitful. Accept whatever physical and mental suffering you receive on behalf of Christ, in order to save souls. And therein lies our triumph.
Mary has said that she sends her children sufferings to help save souls. “Courage! Do not be disheartened!”, she says. In the Cross lies salvation, victory is in the Cross. The Cross is stronger than this battle.
Pray the family Rosary daily and the Chaplet in the 3pm Hour of Mercy. Go to daily Mass and weekly Adoration. Remember also the importance of fasting, for it keeps the deceiver at bay, and makes prayer more powerful.
Jesus alerted us that those who proclaim His end time Messages will like Him be scourged, deemed to be wicked men and false prophets, and ignored and rejected. But Jesus promises He will lead us along the way to His Kingdom and others through us and our reward will be great… as long as you trust completely in His Love and His Holy Will, saying: Jesus I trust in You and Thy Will be done!
Consecrate Your Family
Consecrate yourself and your families to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary at this time. Hang a picture of them prominently in your home. God has assigned the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Mediatrix of All Graces, to bring humanity into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in order to save the world from the works of Satan in these last days.
Don’t Be Deterred
Many will try to stop you from listening to prophecy and this heavenly Message through the spreading of lies and confusion, so be on guard and do not listen to them.
Never fear the future for once you remain close to Jesus you will be protected and given the necessary Graces to prepare your souls and those of your families for the New Era of Peace foretold so long ago that is almost upon us.
It is now most necessary for some courageous priests and bishops to stand up. Many are only wormwood and rottenness, but some are still faithful and courageous. The good people are even fighting with each other in this rudderless confusion. It used not to be like that. Formerly, the good were united. Confusion has now begun and is heading towards its climax. And it will become even worse. You must organize yourselves under the faithful priests and bishops.
Stand Your Ground for Christ
Above all, reject the lies, which are being presented to you by the false prophet. Priests, stop remaining silent when it comes to defending Jesus’ Teachings as the false prophet pope mocks His Church unmercifully. The crown of thorns is being placed on the Church right now and this is your final call to stand by Christ and His Church in this moment.
Spread This Message of God’s Prophecy for Our Times
God is asking us to spread His prophecy:
Blessed are you who receive, live, and spread this prophetic Message. (Revelation 1:1, 22:7)
Mary is begging us to spread God’s prophecy:
Launch at once this message into the world. Publish this message. Transmit these warnings to all! (Our Lady to Bl. Elena)
This must be YOUR only purpose in life. Spread this message, pass it on to others. I will blind Satan to the degree that YOU spread it. It depends on YOU. Help me! We can save the world together. (Our Lady to Elizabeth Kindlemann)
Thus says prophecy about what is unfolding right now and about what Heaven is calling us to do.