I do not force souls to choose heaven

May 5, 2004 Jesus to Anne, a lay apostle, Ireland

My dear earthly souls must fix their gaze on Me, much as a sailor will use the North Star to navigate his direction. If your gaze is fixed on Me, you will always be sailing toward heaven. There will be small diversions in your course, but generally you will be moving nearer. I speak now with firmness because I am certain there is no other way for you. If you take your eyes from Me for even the shortest period you will be swept away from your course, such are the winds of the world. You might say I am warning you of danger. Just as I seek to preserve you and confirm your destination and your journey to it, the enemy seeks to pull you from this course so that you will not achieve your goal of heaven.

Children, for your own salvation, you must not divert anymore. I do not force souls to choose heaven. That would be coercion, not salvation. You must choose Me yourself. If you choose Me, follow Me. That is all. Very simple. Then why do we have all of these problems?

I will tell you most solemnly that most souls are choosing the side of darkness. They will deny this, speaking of silly things like secular humanism and a person’s right to choose. I assure you that a human being does not have the right to choose against God. That is not one of the choices you have been allowed. So when a soul chooses against God, he chooses to follow the enemy. Again, this is simple. The father of lies draws souls but only those souls who say “yes” to the darkness. Choose Me, then follow Me. You would not choose Me and then follow a path that leads away from Me. Many are doing just that because they do not like the earthly sacrifices that come with following My course. Little ones, you will laugh at the nothings of this earth when you die in your body and are born into your eternity. 

If you have sacrificed your eternity or your crown in heaven for the nothings of this world, your regret and bitterness will be profound. This is not for you. You are for heaven so I want you to learn all about Me, your Redeemer, and God, My Father, and all of our saints and true servants. I want you to learn about My Church on earth. I want you to have the answers when someone asks you why you follow this carpenter’s Son.

You must tell them, “Jesus is love. In heaven, there is only love. I want to go to heaven and spend eternity surrounded by joy and love.” Will they laugh at you? They may. They laughed at Me so you will be in
the greatest of company. 
Is there another companion you would prefer to Jesus Christ? You are not alone during these times. I have many followers and they are all destined to work together. My love will flow through each one of My followers into each other. You will all be God-bearers in a special way so that you are able to sustain each other during this time of trial. Fear nothing, only serve in confidence and trust. You are on the side that will bring you to heaven.