You will be welcomed in heaven

February 1, 2005 Jesus to Anne, a lay apostle, Ireland

I wish to tell the world of My love. Dearest children of God, you will be welcomed in heaven. You have a family here who prepares for your arrival. Each soul on earth is steadily making progress in their earthly journey in that you are steadily approaching the end of your life, even if you will live to a very old age. 

If we begin with that thought, My next thought will make even more sense to you: I wish you to consider what it is you will bring to Me when I come for you. Will you bring Me kindness to others? Will you bring Me service to your family? Will you bring Me a duty fulfilled in obedience and dignity? 

You see, little souls, I will not ask you for your material possessions because they will have no value here, unless you use these possessions to help others. Only then can material possessions acquire heavenly value. I have placed you in the world to serve. I am with you in each day but you must also be with Me. Dearest children, ask Me for guidance and I will tell you how I wish you to serve.