Things People Don't Realize You Do Because You're Catholic


You Pray Before Every Meal...Even at Restaurants

You Always Let Others Go First

You Give Your Money Away

You Dress Modestly

You Come Home Early on Saturday Night So You Won’t Sleep In on Sunday Morning

You Talk to that Person that No One Else Wants to Be Around

You Take Your Role as a Godparent Super Seriously

You (Occasionally) Say No to Dessert

You Get Up When the Alarm Goes Off

You Don’t Take Part in Office Gossip

You Appreciate the Beauty of Creation

You Make the Sign of the Cross When You Drive by a Church.

You Have Rosaries in Your Car, Your Purse, Your,pretty much everywhere.

You Don’t Always Have to Be Right or Have the Last Word

You Have Purity on Your List of #RelationshipGoals

Every Vacation Includes: Finding the Local Catholic Church and Checking the Mass Times

You Wear a Crucifix or Saint Medal

You Say “I’ll pray for you" and You Really Do Pray

You're Insanely Busy, but You Make Time for a Holy Hour, Weekend Retreat...and a Pilgrimage to World Youth Day

You Know the Real Meaning of #Blessed

You Exude Peace, Joy, and Gratitude in All Circumstances

You Don’t Swear and You Whisper “Sorry God’ When You Hear Others Use God's Name in Vain