When a non-priest touched the Ark of the Covenant

Everything in Holy Scripture is there for our benefit and enlightenment. In the Bible it is recorded that only the Levite priests were allowed to carry the Ark of the Covenant: “No one may carry the ark of God except the Levites, for the Lord chose them to carry the ark of the Lord and to minister to him forever” (1 Chronicles 15:2; 1 Paralipomenon 15:2 in Douay-Rheims Bible). 

There is a dramatic event in 1 Chronicles, showing that God would only allow the priests to touch the "Holy of Holies," the Ark of the Convenant. When a non-Levite touched the Ark of the Covenant, he was struck dead:  

“And when they came to the floor of Chidon, Oza put forth his hand, to hold up the ark: for the ox being wanton had made it lean a little on one side. And the Lord was angry with Oza, and struck him, because he had touched the ark; and he died there before the Lord” (1 Chronicles 13:9-10; 1 Paralipomenon 13:9-10 in Douay-Rheims Bible). 

Do you really think it does not matter who touches and administers the true "Holy of Holies," Jesus Himself in the Holy Eucharist? 

"Pastors, no hands other than those consecrated by a legally-ordained priest shall give the Host to others. Better that you spend more time consummating your role as the representative of Christ than joining the world. The extraordinary [Eucharistic] ministers have become a farce! Women? Children? Whatever shall become of you? The rules of discipline in the houses of My Son have already been given to you. 

     "Only legally-ordained representatives of My Son—they receive the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit deems that they shall bring the Host to the man and the woman recipient and the children!"
 - Our Lady of the Roses, Bayside, August 21, 1975

"My children, kneel before your God in the Eucharist. Do not stand like you stand in meeting halls, but kneel and give Him a just love and observance of honor." Our Lady, July 14,1979