Why I Trust The White House More Than The Vatican


Five years ago, the Messiah Most Miserable was polluting the White House while Pope Benedict XVI was the pontiff.  If anyone had told me then that there would come a time when I'd trust the White House more than the Vatican, I would have thought that they had taken leave of their senses.  Well, lo and behold, that day is upon us.

Michael Matt of the Remnant posted an article in which he remarks how some in the Trump Cabinet are engaging in Bible studies and being none too demure about it.  Meanwhile the US Catholic establishment gives mere token lip service to serious moral concerns while they eagerly pursue their socialistic agenda at the bidding of their progressive puppet-masters.

These puppet-masters include Vatican officials, who themselves are engaged in the same pursuits.  From LifeSiteNews we read that there will be another progressive gab-fest at the Vatican this coming November, called "Health of People, Health of Planet and Our Responsibility: Climate Change, Air Pollution and Health".  Isn't that a mouthful?

If it sounds familiar, it should.  This sort of schmooze session has occurred multiple times at the Vatican, particularly as Laudato Si was being formulated.  The LifeSiteNews piece gives a detailed description on the "usual gang of suspects" who will be giving presentations, etc.  All of them openly advocate for "population control" (including contraception, sterilization, abortion), one-world government (socialistic of course), climate-change junk science.

Remember when the pope criticized the president for being "not Christian"?  Perhaps it was an attempt to minimize Trump's attention to the Christian heritage of this country since his own leftist agenda showed reckless disregard for the Deposit of Faith.

Pray your Rosaries and stay informed.