Your constant prayers are imperative

Children, you must pray loudly or BIGLY – (with your entire self).  Your constant prayers are imperative.  The moments you are not praising My Son and pondering My Mysteries are wasted and when you see or are enlightened orunderstand, you will wish you had prayed day and night on your knees and with longing and adoration.

Such is the disparity in the Hearts of My Belovéd Children.  When the World takes the majority of your thoughts or concerns or is more important to you than your Longing and Belovéd Lord God, you have become lukewarm in your Love of the Christ.  When it no longer hurts to hear His name uttered in hate (within) discourse, you have become lukewarm in your Love of Me.  When you no longer come to My Most Belovéd Home in the face of Mass, you pierce My Heart, for you have ignored My Loving Invitations time and again.

Children, you must make yourselves intimate with the Lord Christ Jesus.  Know His desires and joys and sorrows.  Praise Him with gentle Hearts and affectionate prayers.  He wants your Love so desperately.  His longings are My Own.  Thus, when you are lukewarm in your Love for Him, so will My Judgement or Mercy in judgement be lukewarm toward your favor.

If you dismiss the Christ, even after He approaches you time and again, I shall dismiss you when you knock on My Door.  When you adore and praise My Belovéd Son, you adore and praise the Father and the whole of Heaven celebrates in your Love.

Oh, Children, your days are waning.  Do you believe that your World or this Age has not come to the worst evil yet?  Do you purport that I do not or will not come to put an end to the reign of darknesses, the unholy one?  Do you think yourselves still clean of sin and prepared to welcome your Master home?  Is your Heart ready for My Return?  Do not disbelieve in the weight of your sins.  They are large and many.  You will say to Me with your Minds, murders have always existed as they do today.  My Holy Eyes turn to the quantities of the dead during this Time.  You will say, babies are lost naturally, because you choose to kill them and steal their breath that I have given to them.  [We use it as an excuse.]  I look or search your Hearts and will see no mercy or love for these Children, and it brings Me sadness.  The quantity of lives lost by your hands devastates My Angels, My Saints, the entirety of Heaven.  (They) are stunned by this blasphemy and sin of infanticide. (...)