Once I saw Jesus praying to his celestial Father

Jesus praying

Once I saw Jesus praying to his celestial Father and I asked him: - My Jesus, why or for whom are you praying now?

He answered me:

- My daughter, I pray for those for whom you should pray also. Implore the Heavenly Father to put an end to the wickedness of men on earth soon. Pray fervently, so that the hearts of men can soon be full of holy and heavenly peace, the peace that I brought to earth, that this peace may spread everywhere. With My prayer I obtained from my Father that the time of suffering would end soon, to make room for the coming of heavenly joy to you. But before that time arrives, you must pass hard tests. 

Nevertheless, you can mitigate the weight of

those tests with prayer and constant reparation. Therefore pray fervently and with great con- fidence, so that the angels and the saints of heaven also beg for mercy of my celestial Father, together with Me and my Immaculate Mother. Console the profoundly offended God, not only for your sins but for the sins of others. Only in this way can the grace of the great miracle of the promised peace come to pass. 

The power of Immaculate Mary

Jesus said:

- This world is obstinate in its wickedness. As this obstinate wickedness progresses, for that reason the world is moving away further and further from Me. But I cannot repent of my Love. I extend my hand toward them, which is mercy and punishment at the same time. 

Mercy and love for those who love Me, and punishment for those who despise Me. If I speak to you, you hear the voice of the One who is above everything in the universe. If I extend my hand to- wards you, my Immaculate Mother will appear to you, so that you may be saved. Wickedness creates more wickedness. The world has reached the point where wickedness requests a truce. The power of my Immaculate Mother is able to hold back the overflowing rivers inside their banks and to calm the enraged sea. She will be your aid.

For a long time, in these days, the Immaculate Heart of Mary has prevented the catastrophe of the world. A terrible destiny waits for humanity, if men are not converted. The Lord Jesus wishes to give His graces through Our Immaculate Mother. That is the reason that the Most Holy Virgin is the one that calls us to repentance. The Lord Jesus wishes to give us His graces through the beautiful intercession of our blessed and victorious Mother, who incessantly prays for humanity.

I saw God's Holy Spirit - as a devastating fire - inundate the world. This fire did not bring peace nor mercy, but devastating punishment. Wherever the flame of the Holy Spirit pene- trated, the malignant spirits fell into hell by the thousands. But before everything was de- stroyed, I saw the Most Holy Virgin on her knees in front of Jesus, praying and imploring mercy for the world. Jesus did not look at her, but he observed the celestial Father, who did not move away his hand extended over the world in his just wrath. 

Then the Most Holy Virgin took off from her shoulder the mantle of peace and covered the world with it. All those parts of the world that were covered with the mantle of Mary escaped the punishment and shone with the blue color of peace. But where the mantle did not cover the surface, the red color of wrath could be seen burning like embers. I understood that we can only escape from the just punishment of God, if we seek refuge under the mantle of our Most Holy Mother, and if we implore mercy through Her.