Correcting Pope Francis: Detraction or Duty?

By Dr. Kelly Bowring

“In this supreme moment of the need of the Church, 

those who should speak 

will fall silent.”

― Prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success
to Venerable Mother Mariana in 1611,
speaking about the “reign of Satan”
that Our Lady said would occur around the end of the 20th Century,
culminating finally with “a dark night” that the Church will suffer
when it will “lack a Prelate and Father to guide it”.
 As a Catholic theologian, again I am compelled to point out that it is apparent to many faithful Catholics today, and more and more so as the past 3 years have progressed, that some of Pope Francis’ actions and teachings have raised legitimate and serious concerns. It is becoming apparent that a war is brewing between Truth and lies, as the past two synods have shown us that many in the highest echelons of the Church (Kasper, Marx, Cupich) are deserting the Faith by following false doctrines and trying to lead others into spiritual darkness. Today we have indeed arrived at “the supreme moment of the greatest need of the Church”. And so to the Catholic world who can hear me today, I say to you, this is the moment not to fall silent. This is the moment for you to speak up!

Before Christ’s second coming 

the Church must pass through final trial

that will shake the faith of many believers… 

in the form of a religious deception

which will be one of apostasy.

― Catechism of the Catholic Church #675
Is speaking up concerns about the Pope a form of detraction? Really!? No, in fact, this could not be farther from the truth. Instead, silence is the enemy here. The Pope is a public religious leader engaging in almost 3 years of leadership that many believe has led to confusion, error, and division. The Pope seems to be on an unhindered course to change the Church forever, one that may (intended or not) destroy her. And so no matter what his agenda is, we must continue to swear allegiance to the one true Word of God and now speak up for Christ and His divine truths.

“There is a time to speak.”

― Ecclesiastes 3:7
It is an established fact that we have been prepared for today’s crisis in the Church by a great amount of solid and Church-approved (private) revelation (from God Himself) providing the faithful warnings and declarations to be alert that such a situation would develop in our times. So, with this in mind, let faith (in private revelation) and reason (regarding the Pope’s agenda) stir us to speak up. God’s promises and prophecies do not lie, and we can see that the Great Schism is on the horizon, just as prophecy forewarned. We are approaching a time when some in the Holy See are beginning to follow a watered-down doctrine that is devoid of God’s Spirit. And we must begin to alert others now, to speak up our concerns now. We must speak up!

“If I were to remain silent, 

I’d be guilty of complicity.”

― Albert Einstein
So, to stand up and speak genuine concern for what the Pope is saying and doing (and those others whom he is promoting) that is troubling us is not only warranted but in some cases may be obligatory, according to our state in life. Parents should speak to their children, Catholic commentators to their social media followers, theologians to their students, priests to their parishioners, Bishops to their flock… and all of us openly to the Pope. Some even have a duty to do this at this point.
And so we speak up to Pope Francis, and offer clarification to the world that, among some of our concerns are:
  • We will not and cannot support a “Who am I to judge” approach to homosexuality… but instead proclaim the divine truth that all homosexual inclinations are objectively, intrinsically disordered; and all homosexual acts (and all sexual acts outside of those between a husband and wife) are always, everywhere, and for everyone a mortal sin.
  • We will not and cannot support giving the Eucharist to divorced/civilly remarrieds or to Lutherans, as is now being promoted… but instead proclaim the divine truth that the Eucharist is reserved for those who are in the state of grace and have proper disposition in full communion with Christ and His Church.
  • We will not and cannot support the 500-year anniversary celebration of Martin Luther and the founding of Protestantism… but instead proclaim the divine truth that God wills all to come into full communion with His Church, which subsists alone fully in the Catholic Church until the end of time. We cannot act as though all religions and denominations are equal, as some seem to be promoting. Pope Leo XIII warns: “The equal toleration of all religions is the same as atheism.” While we support reaching out to our Protestant brothers and sisters in valid, authentic ecumenical endeavors, we must remain clear that Luther founded a heresy opposed to the Catholic Faith and opposed to the papacy, and we are concerned about Catholics celebrating this Quincentennial memorial event.

“Just as it is licit to resist the Pontiff who attacks the body, 

so also is it licit to resist him 

who attacks souls or destroys the civil order or above all, 

tries to destroy the Church. 

I say that it is licit to resist him

by not doing what he orders 

and by impeding the execution of his will.”

― St. Robert Bellermine
Catholics need to understand that there is no Church canon law that prohibits us from speaking up about our concerns, even regarding the Pope. On the other hand, the current situation in Rome today already threatens the faith and grace life of the members of the Church. It is time to speak up! We must realize that souls are at stake, not only by the Pope’s apparent double-talk but also because of the silence of those who should speak up, but who are, as of now, failing to do so.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: 

God will not hold us guiltless. 

Not to speak is to speak. 

Not to act is to act.”

― Dietrich Bonhoeffer
At what point does the sin of omission fall upon those who aren’t speaking up who should be, especially when right reason and faith demonstrates the evidence and gravity of this situation so clearly and the danger it quite possibly imposes upon the good and salvation of souls?

“If however, God were to permit a pope to become 

a notoriously and contumacious heretic, 

he would by such fact cease to be pope

and the apostolic chair would be vacant.

― St. Alphonsus Liguori, Church Doctor
Certainly, remaining quiet is better than speaking irrational and misleading praise upon the Pope at this point, which some are still doing in a way that is adding to the confusion. Quite troubling are those orthodox Church leaders who should be speaking up, but who are not only remaining silent, but who are actually still unconditionally and publicly praising the Pope, especially when the confusion he is causing or permitting is known and becoming ever more consequential. However, others are beginning to see that they have a duty to speak up, especially if they have a position that influences the good of souls and the good of the Pope himself.

“I saw also the relationship 

between THE TWO POPES… 

I saw that the (true) Church of Peter was undermined 

by a plan evolved by the secret sect… 

who built a large, singular, extravagant (false) church 

which embraced all creeds with equal rights… 

the new heterodox Church of Rome.”

― Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
To speak up our concerns now is to support the Papacy and the Magisterium of the Church, even though some accuse us of the contrary. According to Cardinal Burke in a recent interview, “You have a ridiculous situation of someone who simply defends what the Church has always taught and practiced being accused of being schismatic or being contrary to the (true) Roman pontiff,” said Cardinal Burke at one point. “But this is all the work of the Devil, and we have to recognize it for such.” (1/15/16 interview with Teresa Tomeo)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is 

for good men to do nothing.”

― Edmund Burke
Remaining faithful and obedient, yes, but quiet and fearful, no! At what point will we determine that we must speak, as souls are at stake?

At the time of this tribulation a man, 

not (authentically) canonically elected

will be raised to the Pontificate

who, by his cunning

will endeavor to draw many into error… 

For in those days Jesus Christ will 

send them not a true Pastor, 

but a destroyer.

― St. Francis of Assisi