I am bringing you to holiness

March 1, 2007
My beloved apostles, how hard you are working. How diligently you see to My desires. I am bringing you to holiness, slowly and gently, but certainly. Your course leads you to My heart and in each moment of each day, you are drawn more fully to Me. You may not feel the increase in holiness. You may not notice your progress but be assured that progress is being made. Your holiness blossoms under the prudent and watchful care of the Divine Gardener. 

You may wish to advance more quickly. You may sigh at the labors necessary for advancing in holiness. I understand both of these things but I tell you today that you should not be discouraged. It is I, Jesus, after all, who contemplates your soul and determines the speed with which you need to progress to arrive at the perfect place at the correct time. If you were to move too quickly, you might miss this mark. If you were to stop laboring, you would not advance as far as I require. Be at peace in the place where you are spiritually and understand that I am ministering to you constantly there. 

Be also at peace that you must labor for holiness, moving constantly forward in virtue. I am with you. I take your willingness to serve and your willingness to become holier and truly I flow great things into your soul and into the world. I ask that each apostle find quiet during this time, allowing silence to prune the weeds that spring up in each day’s activity. We work together on your soul, as I have said, and I, Jesus, expect that there is work to be done. If I did not expect that your soul needed work, I would say that you had advanced far enough and I would take you to heaven. 

When you see the condition of your soul and you correctly identify that there is work to be done and projects to undertake, rejoice. Compare your soul to My soul and you will see a glimpse of the completion of this project. You must say, ‘Truly, I trust that Jesus will get me there if I follow Him.’ I will not abandon the project of your holiness. Neither should you. The personal holiness of each apostle is given my greatest attention because each project in the world flows from this project in individual souls. 

Do you understand? Are you at peace with this? I need you to become holier each day so that I can become more present in the world each day. If you are new to the walk to holiness, rejoice. You are welcome and you will flourish. If you have been walking toward holiness for many years, rejoice. You are valued and you are making progress. Through you, I renew the world. Rejoice. My plan for you and for the world is well underway.