A Mother Writes – Francis Does Not Answer

Gloria TV

A Normal Mother: Marco Tosatti writes about a mother who in February 2016 sent a letter to Pope Francis. She never received a reply, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. The woman introduced herself to Francis as a “normal mother” of two daughters, neither divorced nor lesbian and adds, “For that reason I am afraid that you may perhaps not send me an answer.”

Evil: The mother writes that her two daughters hear on TV from Francis’ mouth that – quote – “to avoid a pregnancy is in certain cases not an absolute evil.” She points out that her daughters were quick to conclude that accordingly artificial contraception and fornication are likewise no evil. The mother scolds Francis, “Holy Father, are you aware of the evil produced by your words in those who listen to you?”

Francis’ Mother: At the end of her letter the woman asks Pope Francis a question, “In your opinion, is your mother, who is certainly watching you from heaven and now knows the whole truth, happy with you today?”

Hilary Thesis: The journalist Hilary White published on her blog whatisupwiththesynod.com, what she calls the Hilary Thesis. It argues that Francis’ pontificate is intended by God to “winnow” the faithful, to force people finally to choose a side and get off the “conservative” fence, to stop trying to appear “moderate”. White concludes, “Be a traditionalist and don’t apologise.”