Ex-Muslim: Time to End the Silence on Muslim Rape Gangs

I am shunned by my Pakistani community and abhorred by liberal and illogical British white people for talking about the cultural differences that are causing horrific damage to people, mainly girls and women, all over the UK.
The Pakistani Muslim rape gangs are one of the subjects that many people would rather avoid discussing. Too many times, in the media, I see leftist journalists and commentators saying that the ‘far-right’ care nothing about these girls and that they are using the rapes for political leverage. I could also say, in retaliation, that the left are ignoring the rape gangs for their own political leverage – the towns they are happening in are all virtually Labour – held towns and villages and that’s their voting block, immigrants and the Muslim community. Labour even allows segregated seating at their events. Women are becoming, once more, second-class citizens. Part of the problem there is that Brits are lazy voters, but they better wake up soon or they’ll find themselves living under sharia as more and more MPs and mayors who identify as Muslim are becoming the heads of their councils and towns.
We’re also racist if we bring up the subject of the rape gangs. Lefties hear ‘ALL MUSLIMS ARE RAPISTS’ every time anyone starts to try to address the issue. All that’s being done is that a conversation is trying to be raised as to what could be causing such a phenomenon. Of course not all Muslim men are rapists, but ENOUGH of them are that it’s causing untold distress for too many girls. Cries of ‘Jimmy Savile’ and ‘Rolf Harris’ are also used by the left as a means of shutting down the debate, even though the motivations and root causes are completely different between the rape gangs and the Saviles of the world. If the problem is to be solved, we need to start talking about it and looking for motivating factors.
Why are we avoiding talking about and examining this important issue? There is much to unpack, from the breakdown of the family unit through to the failings within the police and social services departments, right through to the most important one – different cultural practices.
Why is it racist to talk about the phenomenon of these men raping white children all across the UK? This is a pattern, it’s not random. In every Muslim majority area, you will have rape gangs spring up. Only with Muslims do we see this and yet we refuse to acknowledge the reality as though it’s pure chance that it’s happening and we ignore the connecting thread – Islam.
No one hesitated to talk about the paedophile priests when the Catholic Church scandal broke, or how badly the Vatican handled it. Nor do we avoid reporting on rapes when committed by celebrities, politicians, football and swimming coaches. These events make for furious online debates and are discussed in mainstream media outlets. They are talked about openly in real life with friends and families in cafes, as opposed to the automatically hushed voices and lowered tones people tend to adopt when discussing Islam in public.
Just recently the scandal of Hollywood celebrities was in the news and every other day a new celebrity was named as a paedophile. This prompted a hashtag #metoo which went viral and anyone who had been sexually abused or raped shared their experience. We did not get this for the girls of Rotherham or Rochdale or any of the other town across the UK. I wonder why.
Muslim girls also used the hashtag to share their experience and still we ignored them and preferred the focus stay on white men who rape and abuse. Could it be we don’t want to admit we have a problem that we don’t know how to control?
A common phrase I hear from white people is “I have a Muslim friend who is a lovely person.” Most of us do. I’ve never said ALL Muslims are rapists and paedophiles. I’ve simply said there are vast cultural differences between the UK and the Pakistani community when it comes to dealing with rapists and paedophiles and for that I am accused of being a racist, bigot hate preacher. Crazy, right?
British white boys who date girls aren’t likely to want to share them with their brothers, uncles and cousins. Not all Muslims do either, but it’s simply to point out that the UK doesn’t have a rape gang crisis amongst any community to rival the Pakistani one. 84% of the on street rapists have been Pakistani Muslims. That’s a number that needs to be engaged with.
There are white gangs of paedophiles, of course there are. But they aren’t on street. These white paedophiles aren’t part of any community, mostly they are from different parts of the country, hooking up in chat-rooms, using the Internet as a tool and operating in that way. That’s a pattern and that also needs to be stopped.
They’re not targeting Muslim girls, befriending them with free gifts, gaining their trust and then raping them and passing them round family members or trafficking them up and down the country once they have them hooked on drugs.
The majority of young Pakistani Muslim girls do not have the same freedom that white British girls do and are rarely allowed without a chaperone in the evenings or at weekends. Their rape happens behind closed doors and their rapists will rarely pass her around other family members to share. The rape of these children will be similar to the rape of white children by their family members. Secretive.
The white paedophiles when caught will more often than not be reported to the police and shunned by family and community. If white people find out that a known paedophile is living in their area, a vigilante is formed and the paedophile is hounded out of the area.
With the Pakistani paedophile this rarely happens. People have often asked in light of the rape gangs as to why the family members of these rapists did not report them. They do not report them for raping the children in their own community so why should they report them for raping the white underage girls?
How have these men been allowed to initiate this on-street grooming and get away with it for so long? I have said this before but these men did not wake up one day in 1985 and decide to rape white underage girls. This has been happening since the arrival of these men in the 60s.
They came from a culture where women were kept separate from men and they entered a culture where it was all about being free to love whomever one chose, and where women were allowed to mix freely with the opposite sex. They came from a culture where there was little love and affection, a culture that forced the children into marriage with first cousins, a culture that thrived on corruption and bribery to get their own way.
The majority of the paedophiles are of Mirpuri origin and we need to have discussions about this. What is it about men from this cultural background that makes them the main perpetrators? Why are there more Mirpuris than say men of a Karachi background raping girls?
Is it a lack of education? Is that many of these men may have been raped when they were young boys? Is it because they are raised to believe white women are whores? It could be a number of reasons but until we can have honest and open discussion about the phenomenon of the Muslim rape gangs, no one will ever know.