Jesus, Haarp, sin and illness

10 November 2016 – Yellow Lily (Answer)
YELLOW LILY: I approach Our Most Blessed Lord with a question sent to me almost two weeks ago – a science one about the magnetic fields, ions, the Earth and mankind affecting it. With prayer and a calm heart, asking for Saint Michael to protect me from anything false and offering Jesus my heart and love. Lifting my head from prayer – Jesus comes. He is with me. He smiles gently in a white tunic and standing tall and beautiful in His usual ‘spot’. He understands me. Jesus is so serene, as usual, which makes me more serene too and confident. Our Most Blessed Lord holds His Hands together at the front, His Fingers knitted together: 
JESUS: (smiling sweetly, with a slight nod of His Head)”Good morning!”
YELLOW LILY: Jesus steps forward:
JESUS: “Peace! Be not afraid! The Scientist, the gentleman, may know indeed he is correct. Man with the evil one and using his infernal knowledge, knows how to disrupt the energy of the soul. Man’s call to God with every beat of the heart, as the heart has been programmed to match this resonance and improve or disrupt ‘man’s hearing’. The devices that have been placed deep underground are designed to disconnect this resonance, to disturb man, increasing sin and illness.”
Know those devices, HAARPS are truly evil. They increase the ‘negative’ ion; they disrupt magnetic field, sphere and deplete man’s protection. Know too, the chemical spraying that has been occurring for many, many years, has filled the skies and this concoction of poisons and metals in trace amounts, that just as tiny grains of sand accumulate, accumulated, accumulated and accumulated, can overcome affecting sphere.”
“Within the centre of the Earth – within its hottest part – the core of which as a great centrifugal ball bearing, with the Sun, the Moon, the Poles, the water, the land – yes, even the placement of the Planets, hold all together – there is nothing separate, yet man with his ‘advances’ acting as a ‘god’ trying to control all, – the weather, the water, the rocks, the skies, space and Sun – how foolish!”
“Does it not make sense that in all creation, God would so please Himself – that all things would Glorify the Creator and good, making everything in the service of man for his betterments – his greater good – and a stronger connection to God?”
“Look at HAARPS workings. These weather machines, if we understand even a little of the energy of a thundercloud: The mix of magnetic, gravity and electricity these contain, made by God so holding positive forces, man imposes, intervenes with evil intent and these ions, energies do not match, creating more of the negative, false, unnatural ions, disrupting the resonance, the tremble, the ‘vibration’, of the Earth and this happens all over the world!”
“These negative ions, pounding the fabric of the Earth’s atmosphere, tearing holes through the levels, so also the diabolic plans concerning the Sun may more surely terrify man.”
“In the end it matters not; in the end all will be restored; in the end there will be elect Scientists who will understand more than the enemies of God.”