How much does Our Lady love us?

Our Lady of Mercy! 

It is thus that the faithful people call upon Our Lady when they contemplate her seated 
with the divine corpse of her Son on her lap. 
Mercy, because her whole being is nothing but compassion: 
compassion for her Son, and compassion for her children, because she has not only one son. 
His Mother became the Mother of all men, and she has compassion 
not only on her Son, but also on her children. 

She sees our pains, our sufferings and our struggles. She smiles upon us in danger; 
she weeps with us in sorrow. She relieves our sadness and sanctifies our joy. 
Proper to the heart of a mother is the intimate participation in everything that stirs the hearts of her children. 
Our Lady is our Mother

She loves each of us individually  even the most miserable and sinful  much more 
than the combined love of all the mothers of the world. 

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira