My chosen souls must rely on Mary

Jesus said, “When you look upon the face of My mother, no sacrifice is too great. Her sweetness and goodness strike deeply into your heart, and you determine that mountains may move, but you will not disappoint this good and holy woman. My chosen souls must rely on Mary, the Mother of God, to a greater degree during these times. She is making herself available in an extra- ordinary way right now, for the help of her little children. Be humble and ask your mother for help. She will not disap- point you. She will lead you directly to My Sacred Heart, wherein souls are confirmed in grace, as you have been con- firmed in grace. Fear will leave you and a firmness of intention will pervade your actions. My mother wants to lead her chil- dren and she has been given every permis- sion from the Father in heaven.”

The Blessed Mother adds: “My heart aches for my little ones. I see them twisting and turning in despair. How I hover near them, waiting for them to glance at me so that I may rush in to comfort and guide them. Alas, they look everywhere but to heaven. It was never this way to such a degree in the world. People are ashamed to ask God for help because they feel it is a sign of weakness. They fear trust. They think it makes them like children.

So it does. And that is what they must be to enter in the kingdom of heaven, which is their eternal home. We must help souls to realize that it is time to come back to Jesus now. Time is short. There is no other way to say that. I want all souls to con- vert in the silence of their hearts and Jesus and I will lead them by the hand. No harm shall come upon them if they turn to us in their hearts. My heart is soft and forgiving. Like any good mother, I forget the mistakes of my children almost immediately. 

I can help poor sinners to forgive themselves and seek the forgiveness of my Son, a forgiveness that heals and strengthens. Sinners must not be afraid. They must simply close their eyes and say, ‘God, I have made mistakes. I’m sorry. I am Your child, though, and seek to be united to You.’ My child, all of heaven weeps for joy when even one soul makes this act of humility and love. How we rush in to assist this soul, and protect him from the attacks of the evil one. We nurture and guide this soul until he is back walking the path to Christ with confidence. 

Don’t be afraid, dear souls. You will find no recriminations. Only love. Be reconciled to the loving heart of my Son, who will lead you to the Father. What joy will be mine, to see you safely with Jesus.”