Rest in divine filiation

“Divine sonship”, by Marieta Quesada

Rest in divine filiation. God is a Father – your Father! – full of warmth and infinite love. Call him Father frequently and tell him, when you are alone, that you love him – that you love him very much! – and that you feel proud and strong because you are his son.
The Forge, no. 331

My little friend, say to him: “Jesus, knowing that I love you and that you love me, nothing else matters: all is well.”
The Forge, no. 335

Tell him: “Jesus, I cannot see a single perfect flower in my garden, all are blighted. It seems that all have lost their colour and their scent. Poor me! Face downwards in the muck, on the ground: that’s my place.” That’s the way, humble yourself. He will conquer in you, and you will attain the victory.
The Forge, no. 606

Say to him: “Ecce ego quia vocasti me! Here I am, for you have called me!”
The Way, no. 984

Good child, say to Jesus many times each day: I love you, I love you, I love you...
The Way, no. 878

Be daring
Little child, say to Jesus: “I will not be satisfied with anything less than You.”
The Forge, no. 352

Don’t be content to ask Jesus pardon just for your own faults: don’t love him just with your own heart... Console him for every offence that has been, is, or will be done to him. Love him with all the strength of all the hearts of all those who have most loved him. Be daring: tell him that you are crazier about him than Mary Magdalen, than either of his two Teresas, that you love him madly, more than Augustine and Dominic and Francis, more than Ignatius and Xavier.
The Way, no. 402

And if ever you do not know how to speak to him or what to say, or you do not dare to look for Jesus inside yourself, turn to Mary, tota pulchra, all pure and wonderful, and tell her: “Our Lady and Mother, the Lord wanted you yourself to look after God and tend him with your own hands. Teach me, teach us all, how to treat your Son!”
The Forge, no. 84

At Mass
Tell Our Lord that from now on, every time you celebrate Mass or attend it, and every time you administer or receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist, you will do so with great faith, with burning love, just as if it were to be the last time in your life. And be sorry for the carelessness of your past life.
The Forge, no. 829

When you receive him, tell him: “Lord, I hope in you: I adore you, I love you, increase my faith. Be the support of my weakness: You, who have remained defenceless in the Eucharist so as to be the remedy for the weakness of your creatures.”
The Forge, no. 832

Tell him: “Lord, I want nothing other than what You want. Even those things I am asking you for at present, if they take me a millimetre away from your Will, don’t give them to me.”
The Forge, no. 512

Ask the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your Mother, to make you know yourself and weep for all those foul things that have passed through you, and which, alas, have left such dregs behind... And at the same time, without wishing to stop considering all that, say to him: “Jesus, give me a Love that will act like a purifying fire in which my miserable flesh, my miserable heart, my miserable soul, my miserable body may be consumed and cleansed of all earthly wretchedness. And when I have been completely emptied of myself, fill me with yourself. May I never become attached to anything here below. May Love always sustain me.”
The Forge, no. 41

When difficulties appear
At times the Cross appears without our looking for it: it is Christ who is seeking us out. And if by chance, before this unexpected Cross which, perhaps, is therefore more difficult to understand, your heart were to show repugnance... don’t give it consolations. And, filled with a noble compassion, when it asks for them, say to it slowly, as one speaking in confidence: “Heart: heart on the Cross! Heart on the Cross!”
The Way of the Cross, Fifth Station

Now, when the Cross has become a serious and weighty matter, Jesus will see to it that we are filled with peace. He will become our Simon of Cyrene, to lighten the load for us. Then say to him, trustingly: “Lord, what kind of a Cross is this? A Cross which is no cross. Now I know the trick. It is to abandon myself in you; and from now on, with your help, all my crosses will always be like this.”
The Forge, no. 764

Don’t tell Jesus that you want consolation in prayer. If he gives it to you, thank him. Tell him always that you want perseverance.
The Way, no. 100