The Dragon will be bound

the feast of our lady of the rosary
fort lauderdale, florida, usa

beloved sons, in the battle in which you are engaged every day against satan and his insidious and dangerous seductions, against the powerful army of evil, as well as the special assistance which the angels of the lord give you, you need to use a sure and invincible weapon, this weapon is your prayer.
with prayer you can always tear away from the enemy the ground which has been conquered you can cause seedlings of good to sprout in the desert of evil and of sin.
above all, you are able to liberate an immense number of souls whom satan has managed to take prisoner.
prayer has great power and gives rise to chain reactions for good which are more powerful than atomic reactions.
the prayer which i love best is the holy rosary.
because of this, in my many apparitions, i am always issuing the invitation to recite it, i unite myself to those who say it, i ask it, with motherly concern and anxiety, of all.
why is the holy rosary so effective?
because it is a simple humble prayer and forms you spiritually to littleness, gentleness, and simplicity of heart.
today satan is succeeding in conquering everything with the spirit of pride and rebellion against god, and goes in terror of those who follow your heavenly mother along the road of littleness and humility.
while this prayer is despised by the great and the proud, it is recited, with great love and great joy, by my little ones by the poor, the children, the humble, the suffering, by the very many faithful who have welcomed my invitation.
the pride of satan will yet be conquered by the humility of little ones and the red dragon will find himself finally humiliated and conquered, when i bind him, not using a great chain, but a very fragile cord, that of the holy rosary.
it is a prayer which you offer together with me.
when you invite me to pray for you, i listen to your request and unite my voice to yours, i unite my prayer to yours.
it therefore always becomes efficacious, because your heavenly mother is omnipotence at prayer.
when i ask i always obtain, because jesus cannot ever say no to anything his mother asks him.
it is a prayer which unites the voices of the church and the human race, because it is uttered in the name of all and never just in the name of a single person.
as you contemplate his mysteries, you come to an understanding of the plan of jesus which is traced throughout his life, from the incarnation to the fulfilment of his glorious passover, and thus you penetrate increasingly into the mystery of the redemption.
and you enter into an understanding of this mystery of life, through your heavenly mother, passing along the way of her heart, arriving at the possession of the immense treasure of the divine and blazing charity of the heart of christ.
in it, you are formed for the perfect glory of the father, through the frequent repetition of the prayer which jesus taught you, our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come.
you are also formed for the perpetual adoration of the most holy trinity, with the recitation of the glory be to the father, and to the son and to the holy spirit.
your heavenly mother asks you today to use the holy rosary as the most effective weapon for fighting the great battle under the orders of the woman clothed with the sun.
co operate with my invitation, multiply your cenacles of prayer and brotherhood, consecrate yourselves to my immaculate heart, recite the holy rosary frequently.
then the powerful red dragon will be completely bound by this chain, his margin of action will be increasingly reduced and, in the end, he can be rendered powerless and harmless.
the miracle of my immaculate heart will appear to everyone.