Schneider: Nothing Good Comes From Grabbing Communion

Grabbing communion - instead of receiving it - fosters sacrileges because consecrated particles fall on the floor and “Our Lord is trampled on,” Bishop Schneider explained during a recent interview in Slovenia (video below).

He criticises that almost all bishops worldwide have been forcing the faithful “under the pretext” of Covid rules to grab Communion, and mentions Tanzania, a strongly Catholic country where the bishops imposed to take Communion with the hand while "forbidding" to receive it on the tongue.

Schneider calls this "one of the deepest wounds” in the Church because grabbing Communion has been contributing powerfully to a dramatic decline of the Faith in the Real Presence already in [more than] two generations.

Thus, Covid increased the desacralisation of Holy Communion. Schneider explains that God can never bless grabbing communion and from it “no good can come – not even for the health.”