England: Triple-Injected Live Dangerously

The triple-injected account for 92.2% of all Covid-19 Deaths in England, government data show.

Compared to December, in the past four weeks, death among twice-injected doubled, while it halved among the injection-free.

To manipulate the numbers, the government added 112,192 injection-free children to the statistics of the infected although Covid is harmless for them, DailyExpose.uk (March 24) writes.

When those children are removed, those injected account for 87% of Covid-19 hospitalisations between 14th Feb and 13th March. Of those 2410 who died from Covid the triple-injected accounted for 1,733 (injection-free: 237). 90% of the victims were injected.

In the UK, among those aged 12 or over:
7/10 are triple-injected
8/10 are double-injected
9/10 are single-injected.