Get ready for a great scandal in the Church

Revelations from the GOOD SHEPHERD'S HILL

Carbonia March 23, 2022

Prepare yourselves for the scandal that will now come upon the Church!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, receive the blessing of the Most Holy Trinity, who is here today on this Hill to call His Sons of the world to the Truth, to be Sons of the Most High, to abandon the things of Earth and to take refuge in the Things of Heaven.

God the Father is calling Humanity to conversion, he is crying out his pain for this Humanity lost in the hands of the Devil.

My children, prepare yourselves for the scandal that will now come upon the Church.

Look at the signs that will come now in heaven and on earth.

God the Almighty Father is tired of waiting for the conversion of this Humanity which continually rebels against His Will and follows those who should not: ... the false prophet, the one who has led the Church to ruin, the one who is preparing the throne for the Antichrist.

My dear children, dear children of my Heart, for you there will be great gifts, wonders will come upon you who follow Jesus, renouncing your life in the world.

My children, go to your homes now and be in constant prayer, the time that is coming now, and I say now, my children, will be a tremendous time for those who have turned away from God, for those who have turned against Him and are fighting against Him.

The Truth has been rejected, Jesus has been rejected, Satan has taken more and more power in his Church! He will now present the Antichrist to the world!

My Immaculate Heart weeps, weeps! It is a tremendous sorrow to see how so many children are lost in the wake of this demon.

My beloved children, think of the pain of Jesus when he was crucified, and even before his crucifixion. He was tortured in every way, He went through every pain for you, for your salvation He said His Yes to His Father. How much love! How much love, my children, how much love! Even today so much pain lives in Him, His Crucifixion is always stronger. Man is more and more perverse, he sells himself for an ephemeral power on this earth.

Remember, beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, that I hold you close to my breast, surrender yourselves to me, let me lead you triumphantly to victory.  

. ... I see your choice in Christ Jesus, your sacrifice to come this far, I see your ardent desire to be able to enter the new earth, the new world governed by God, where there will be no evil, where happiness and love will be forever.

My dear children, I am here in your midst, I will never abandon you! I am always here, in your midst, I caress you, ... I caress you my children, I caress you in the heart where I mark you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit so that you may be strong in the Spirit to go forward in the certainty of the victory that you will soon have with me, with me who will guide you as Coredemptrix, in this last Work in salvation, ... the last Divine Plan.

Work in goodness, my children, be firm in your faith in Christ Jesus.

Do not be like ostriches, do not stick your heads in the sand, look in the face of those who want to rob you, those who want to take you away from the One who created you. Do not hide, my children, challenge, challenge the one who wants you to be a prey in his hands.

Today I am here to bless you again and to take you with me to victory; I am here on this Hill that will soon manifest itself in the greatness of God.

The Warning is near,

after the Warning you will see the glory of this place.

My poor children, poor you who have fought against God, who have wanted to manifest yourselves before the infernal enemy with rites and human sacrifices.

Oh! ... God sees, my children, God sees! What harm it does to you who have denied Life by choosing death! ... You have lost yourselves! You have given yourselves over to Satan.... Because he promised you wealth and power in this world?

You have lost your life, ... You have lost everything my children, you will die in excruciating pain, your damnation will be eternal.

Pray, my children, for these beings who no longer belong to God because they are impure, they have sacrificed themselves to Satan and not to God.

Pray that at the last moment they may ask for forgiveness.

Go ahead! In prayer, I join my hands with yours; with strength I implore with you the soon return of Jesus. Amen.