Get ready for the Warning, the time has come!

Carbonia April 11, 2019

Be like angels in the blue sky!

Today you have become sad and dark because you have abandoned the Laws of God and have devoted yourselves to the things of the world.

God the Father Almighty is coming to destroy all that does not belong to Him, He is coming to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Prepare for the Warning, the hour has come!

The hour strikes the curse of Satan upon self-made man.

Put in you a pure heart, O beloved souls of God, put in you the shield of My Holy Eucharist and come to Me proud of having been created and of belonging to Me.

Heaven declares its coming to Earth to establish a new life in love and charity in the supreme truth of God. There will be no more children of Satan, everything will enter into the dimension of God's Love.

Come out quickly from the cities, God will send fire from heaven and everything will burn. Take the holy Rosary in your hands and pray it without ceasing.

Mary is already in her battle, you will be at her side, all of you who will accompany her in this last earthly mission.

Live the holy Gospel of Jesus and do not deviate from it.

Imprint my Word in your hearts, engrave it in your hearts, do not trample on what God has given you with love. Welcome and grace to you, children of Love!

The hour of your call has come, gather all of you in Me so that I may fulfill My Holy Will upon you. Come to Me, my children, come to embrace your Father; all is in place, ready to be enjoyed by you in the new kingdom you will inhabit on Earth.

Move your hearts towards the Most High and feed on Him, do not be afraid to be children of God, stand firm in Him.

The Light of the world is about to appear in the world, everything will open up to new life in Him. Believe firmly in Him who created you and calls you to Himself to give you eternal life in everlasting love and joy.

Live this Lent in penance; do not disfigure your hearts with desires that belong to the world and not to God.

Open the Holy Door!

God intervenes in the world so that the world may understand and be converted.

Life will come down from Heaven, all will see it and be attracted to it, but whoever does not celebrate Love in his heart will remain blind to the greatness that God will manifest to mankind.

Have love for yourselves, little children, convert, believe in me, do not let yourselves be carried away by Satan's illusions, everything is false! The one who will fall into deception is the one who will accept not to belong to me.

Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who have abandoned themselves to the arms of the Creator, for they shall live eternally in Him.

Blessed are the children of God, for they shall live in Him.

Soon you will be new children, soon you will be in Me. Make amends for your sins, oh men, purify yourselves and come and sing to Me your praises of love. Embrace Me within you.

                              Behold, I come. Amen!